Best Watermark Maker For PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Visual Watermark Maker gives you all tools you need to make watermark for your photos. Create watermark using your logo, name and brand. Easy-to-use editing tools let you create beautiful multi-element watermarks. Batch mode allows you to copyright all photos at once. Resize and rename features makes publishing photos online much easier. Quickly works on your computer. Watermark Creator works with Photos app on Mac. Runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You still don't know how to make a watermark? Check out our tutorial.

How To Make A Watermark With Our Visual Watermark Creator

When you need to make a watermark for lots of photos at once, performance matters most. Visual Watermark uses up to 4 processor cores to create watermarks much quicker than other apps do. With our watermark maker, you can protect 100s of photos in a minute. Don’t worry if your photos are of different size. Visual Watermark automatically changes watermark size when needed.

  • Make a watermark for up to 50,000 images at once;
  • Work right on your computer both online & offline;
  • Super-quick file import & export;
  • Use all computer power to create a watermark as quickly as possible;
  • Nobody can access original photos and we either.
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Cindy Lin

I just bought your software and I LOVE IT! It makes it so easy to make watermark, batch edit, resize and even embed meta info. So amazing! I’m relaunching my website on Monday so I’ve been re-editing, renames & re-watermarking portfolio photos. This made the process much less painful. Thanks again!

Create A Watermark That's Unobtrusive, Secure & Fully Customizable

Now you have more power than ever before to create a beautiful watermark. Choose from 926 built-in fonts and 66 effects, adjust opacity and fill modes — the options are endless! The new Glass effect makes it simple to make a watermark that is unobtrusive.

  • Make a watermark from your name or logo;
  • Use one of 926 premium fonts;
  • Make transparent & unobtrusive watermarks;
  • Create strong or repeated watermarks;
  • Add image numbers;
  • Save your watermark templates.

That's very easy to create a watermark for your photos with Visual Watermark Maker. We added an interactive guide into the app itself and prepared step-by-step instructions on how to watermark photos.

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Melissa Terrels

I am buying your watermark creator because I Googled one of my photos and it came up on multiple sites without any credit. Which of course I would have had if the photo had been watermarked. I purchased your product because it looked the safest, no viruses. I am over free downloads. I also just want simple, nothing fancy or too complicated and I could figure yours out without any problem.

Make Watermark That Fits Image Size

Create a watermark for portrait, landscape and cropped images in a single batch. Visual Watermark automatically makes watermark smaller or bigger depending on the image size. Preview how it looks before making a watermark. Easily override watermark size if you want to.

  • Create a watermark for portrait, landscape & cropped pictures in the same batch;
  • Visual Watermark Maker automatically adjusts watermark size & placement when needed;
  • Preview watermark before applying it onto your pictures;
  • Change watermark position for some pictures in the batch.

Automatically Sized Watermark

automatically sized watermark maker

Manual Watermark Position and Size

manual watermark position and size

12 Built-in Watermark Templates

Visual Watermark Maker includes 12 easy to use watermark templates. You can edit them to create a customized look. Resize, specify your text and logo, change the color and position. Save favorite watermark settings as templates and apply them to your other photos at any time.

Stop looking for answer to question how to make a watermark. Just try Visual Watermark Maker and do it in 1 minute.

Complete Feature List

Supported formats

Visual Watermark Creator loads JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP photo formats. Supports RGB and CMYK 8bit per channel photos. Mac and Windows watermark maker loads color-managed images. Reads and stores EXIF and IPTC information from JPEG files. Supports 100% JPEG quality when saving images. Doesn’t use chroma subsampling when saving to JPEG format to product best possible colors.

Text watermarks

Makes text watermarks. Use personalize options to replace template text with your own name, company or website. Lists and allows to use all fonts installed in your system. Supports normal, italic, bold and bold italic font styles. Visual Watermark Creator allows to change watermark size and position using visual drag-n-drop editor.

Logo watermarks

Make watermark from your own logo. Replace template logo with your own on the personalize screen. Supported logo formats are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Optionally removes logo background. Uses hi-quality bilinear painting for scaled logos.

Batch Photo Processing

Visual Watermark is able to create watermark for 100s of photos at once. Select a folder or separate images and the app will put a watermark on them all. Visual Watermark looks for photos in folders and subfolders. The watermark creator uses all processor cores to finish the job in the shortest time. An amount of photos Visual Watermark can handle without slowing down depends on your computer power. In our tests all MacBooks and iMacs produced after 2008 are able to handle 50,000 images with ease.

Automatic Watermark Size

Visual Watermark Creator optionally adjusts watermark size for smaller images in a batch. Auto-Size option (available in the Output Settings screen) applies the watermark on cropped and full resolution images in a single job. The watermark maker will make the watermark smaller on cropped photos.

Copyright metadata

Visual Watermark maker optionally adds your copyright into photo metadata. You can find the copyright record from a downloaded photo with Preview app on Mac, or File Details screen on Windows. Metadata copyright isn’t visible on the image, but allows you to add your contact information without making your watermark huge.

Photo Resizing

Visual Watermark can optionally resize your images after watermarking. Use it to produce low-res watermarked images for publishing online. This virtually eliminates the risk of losing control of your hi-res originals.

Photo Renaming

Optionally give different filenames to your photo files. Visual Watermark Maker replaces camera filenames like “DSC03682.JPG” with prettier “Jim and Sophie 1.jpg” names after putting a watermark on them.

iPhoto Support

Visual Watermark accepts files from iPhoto. Select and drag images you want to watermark into the Visual Watermark window. Our watermark creator will put a watermark on them and store into a folder of your choice.

Watermark effects

Visual Watermark comes with 4 effects: Shadow, Glass, Background, Gradient Fill. These can have 4 effect combinations: Glass+Shadow, Gradient Fill+Shadow, Glass+Background, Gradient Fill+Background. All them respect transparency, tile and rotation settings.

Shadow Effect

Use shadow effect when there is low contrast between watermark and underlying photo. This makes your watermark stand-out of the picture. The watermark maker comes with 6 styles of black shadows. Watermark maker adjusts its size when you resize the watermark.

Background Effect

Improves watermark readability in low contrast situations. Comes in black and white colors for light and dark watermarks. Visual Watermark’s background has 3 sizes and round or square corners. Watermark maker adjusts its size when you resize the watermark.

Glass Effect

This effect imitates glass material by preserving watermark edges and removing everything inside them. This makes your watermark much less noticeable on your photos, but still have a copyright notice on them. Use Glass effect with Tile feature for better copyright protection. Make the watermark even less noticeable with Transparency feature.

Gradient Effect

Fills your text or logo watermark with a color gradient. Visual Watermark comes with 50 color combinations.

Watermark Transparency

Visual Watermark Creator supports 100 transparency levels: from opaque to completely transparent. Use this feature to make your watermark less obtrusive at expense of some durability. We have a guide in our blog that will help you to find the right combination of transparency and protection.

Fill Mode

Visual Watermark Creator can optionally fill whole photos with your watermark. Enable the Tile feature on the Personalize screen to repeat the watermark on your photos several times. Use Tile Span option to control space between watermark appearances.

Vertical And Rotated Watermarks

Make rotated watermark using the Rotate feature in the Personalize screen of Visual Watermark Creator. Sometimes this helps to hide the watermark inside the picture by aligning it along the left or right side of the picture. Also, this makes tiled watermarks prettier.

Supported Hardware

Visual Watermark Creator runs on all MacBooks and iMacs with Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or newer. Current version of the watermark maker supports Retina displays. We also have a version for Windows/PC.

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