How To Create a Logo Watermark

The first and foremost purpose of watermarks is to keep your visual content safe and protected from possible thieves. But they can also greatly aid with promotion and raising brand awareness. If that’s your goal, it might be more effective to use your brand logo as a watermark. It’ll lead all the potential customers back to you and, at the same time, act as a subtle reminder of your brand to your already existing clientele. After all, the more often people see your logo, the quicker they will remember your brand in the time of need.

Once you learn how to watermark your images with a logo, you’ll be able to not only protect them but also use them as advertising material.

You can use Visual Watermark to add a logo watermark to your images. The watermark logo maker can be installed on nearly any device, allows you to process batches of images and doesn’t require access to the Internet. In Visual Watermark you’ll be able to import your own logo and make some changes to it. It’ll take only a few minutes and involve as little effort as possible.

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Why You Should Add a Logo Watermark to Images

Using a logo as a watermark is a great idea if you want to keep your photos safe and let people know about your business since watermarks show who the real author is. A logo is a design or a symbol that a brand adopted to advertise its products. Logos play an integral part in the success of a business, because people tend to remember images better than text. If your brand has an eye-catching and memorable logo, the chances of it getting stuck in the minds of your potential customers will be higher.

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Watermarking your images with a logo can have the following benefits:

  • Prove authenticity. Your customers will be sure that they are buying real products of great quality that were produced by your brand, and not some poorly made knock-off. It will make them trust you.
  • Show business area. If your logo contains something that’s associated with your area of expertise, it can instantly send a clear message to people about what it is that you do or sell. For instance, if you have a pet store, your logo might include some kind of an animal or an animal footprint.
  • Advertise. Adding your brand’s name to everything you post online won’t be as powerful as adding a logo since logos tend to communicate more information about a brand than plain text. A well-designed logo watermark can spark the interest of your customers and nudge them into taking a better look at the products or services you offer.
  • Evoke emotions. Logos have the power to evoke certain emotions and trick people into choosing you over competition. This is mainly achieved with the help of colors, fonts and overall style of your logo. For example, using an elegant cursive font in a logo will make your client think of your brand as classy. Green is usually associated with tranquility and nature, while some hues of brown can make people think of warmth and coziness. Also, if your logo watermark is quirky and whimsical, it might signal to people that your brand is all about fun and creativity.

The Importance of a Logo Watermark

We need to attribute certain associations to people or things to interact with them. Without some kind of an identity, it’s hard for us to form an opinion about something.

Imagine a person with the most generic appearance, dressed in basic clothes that gives away nothing about their personality. This person talks about the most general topics and their voice is always plain with no emotions coloring it. There’s nothing personal about them or their behavior. Nothing that could’ve made your mind remember them or make them interesting, for that matter. You probably wouldn’t want to interact with that person again, because you have nothing that would’ve helped you to remember them or piqued your interest.

Well, the same goes for brands. If a business – big or small – has no identity, nothing that people would associate it with and remember it by, then it won’t be successful, because it probably won’t have a lot of customers.

Logos are one of the corners stones of building a brand identity.

It’s crucial to put a lot of thought into your logo if you want to make the right impact on your potential customers. What’s also important is adding a watermark in the form of a logo to your visual content because the more people see your logo, the better.

In Visual Watermark maker, it’s not only possible to import your own logo file, but also remove its monochrome background – and it can be done with just one click! Our watermark logo maker can work with logos in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF formats.

As it has already been mentioned, the majority of people tend to have a better visual memory, so it’s easier for people to remember pictures rather than text.

Designing a proper logo for your brand might take some time. Not to mention, that some small businesses that are only starting out might not have the budget for it just yet. If that’s your case, and if, even though you don’t have a logo, you still want to communicate to people what your business is about, you can use an icon from our gallery as a temporal logo. Visual Watermark includes over 60 of watermark logo examples, and they will suit a variety of businesses – photography, real estate, food industry, etc. You will surely find the one that will be a good fit for your brand.

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Our watermark logo maker allows you to change color, size, level of transparency, add an effect, etc. It will help you make your temporal logo look a bit more personal, original, and relevant to what your brand stands for. Moreover, in our app, it’s possible to save the watermark template that you created as a file. Thus, you’ll be able to use it again and again, while also making some further changes to it, if necessary.

Where a Logo Watermark Can Be Used

Adding a logo watermark to a document, image or video can often be critical, since it will make sure that your copyrights won’t be violated. It can help with promotion as well.

Here’s where logo watermarks can be found:

  • They are used in stock photos and videos. For example, if you’ve ever visited Shutterstock, you know that all the images there are fully covered with their repeated watermark, which prevents people from downloading them without paying. These photos are also often low-resolution and of a small size. So, if you want to get the high-resolution image in its original size and without watermarks, you’ll have to pay.
  • They protect textual documents that are sold online. You might’ve come across extracts of e-books or articles that are posted as examples to encourage people to make the purchase. Quite often, those extracted pages have a big, semi-transparent watermark in the middle to avert any attempts of theft. However, it also subtly forces people to purchase the full, watermark-less version of the book or article.
  • Documents, especially legal ones, are almost always protected with a PDF watermark, which also serves as a proof of authenticity and communicates to people that these files weren’t falsified. This is similar to physical watermarks on paper money which show that it’s real.

A watermark in the form of a logo is an integral part of a brand identity and a proven tool for increasing brand awareness. It can be often found on photos, videos, works of art, even memes that are posted on social media. If your content goes viral, your logo watermark will automatically lead people back to you.

How to Create a Logo Watermark

First, you’ll need to choose which of our watermark logo makers you want to work with:

Offline - Visual Watermark maker.

It can process large batches of files fast, but the words “Protected with Visual Watermark” will be added to your photos along with your logo watermark. If you’d like to dispose of this limitation, please, consider purchasing one of our paid editions.

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Mobile app for Android.

It can process up to 300 images in one go. All the tools and features are available even in the free version. However, if you want to use the watermark logo maker for free, you’ll be able to process a batch of only up to 10 images. This limitation is absent from the full version.

Web-based app - Watermark images online.

With this option, you’ll be able to add a logo to your photo right in your browser. However, it also has a minor disadvantage – you’ll be able to process only 10 images a day.


Here are the answers to the most common questions about logo watermarks.

How can I create a logo watermark for my images?

It can easily be done in Visual Watermark. Our watermark logo maker allows you to import your own logo file, if it’s in either of these formats – JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. You’ll be able to place your logo anywhere within the frame, while our toolkit will grant you the opportunity to remove its monochrome background, change its size, edit the level of opacity, even choose a different color or add an effect.

What does it mean to use a logo as a watermark?

Watermark is a symbol, logo or some text that is added to various types of content for protection against copyright infringement. It shows who photos, videos, or documents really belong to; who created them. If, for example, someone copies your photo and tries to pass it as their own, they will fail since everyone will see your logo watermark. If you add your brand logo to the content that you post online, it means that you are using it as a watermark.

Can a logo be used as a watermark?

Absolutely! If you have a logo, you should definitely use it as a watermark, since it’ll be great for both protection and advertisement. As an option, you can pair your logo with your contact information to make it easier for potential clients to find you.

How can I create a logo watermark for free?

You can do that in Visual Watermark. You can use our online watermark logo maker in your browser or download our batch-watermarking app to your computer or smartphone. Please note that the free version has two limitations. You’ll be able to process only a few images at a time – up to 10, to be exact. Plus, the words “Protected with Visual Watermark” will be added to your watermarked copies. The full version of the app, which can be purchased, doesn’t have these limitations. However, if they don’t bother you, you can use the free version.