Watermark Videos Quickly

Watermark videos quickly. Create your own video watermarks. Choose from 260 fonts or use your own custom fonts. Add a logo, text, copyright symbol or a combination of them all. Watermark videos offline. Save your watermark templates. For Windows/PC and Mac. Download for free.

Watermark Videos Quickly

Visual Watermark for Videos works on your computer, not on the Internet. You don't have to wait until the video is uploaded for watermarking. Visual Watermark starts watermarking videos immediately.

Nobody can access original videos. We don’t send videos over the Internet, we don’t keep them on our servers, we never touch them. Your videos are always yours. Visual Watermark for Videos never changes existing videos on your computer. Your original videos are always safe.

Visual Watermark for Videos works offline. You can watermark video whenever and wherever you want, whether you’re in your office or traveling.

Visual Watermark for Videos respects your privacy. It doesn't collect any information about your computer. It doesn't install third part trackers. There is no tricks in our sleeve.

Illustration of batch video watermarking

Add Custom Watermarks To Your Videos

Visual Watermark for Videos comes with 260 fonts, 60 logos and 66 effects that help you design your own video watermark. Adjust the video watermark by adding your name, changing colors, adding a video copyright sign. Make watermark opaque or transparent, prominent or fill the whole video with your channel name. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Save video watermark templates for later use. Visual Watermark for Videos lets you have multiple watermark templates at once.

Create custom video watermarks