Free Online Image Resizer

Visual Image Resizer software gives you all you need to resize images. It offers batch image resize mode to resize all your photos at once. Rename feature make publishing images much easier. Runs on Windows and Mac. It’s completely free.

Hi-Performance Batch Image Resizer

Resizing 50,000 images is a no-problem for Visual Image Resizer. 1. We designed both import and export modules to be quick and responsive. Visual Image Resizer uses up to 4 processor cores to resize images as quickly as your computer allows. 2. Visual Image Resizer works right in your browser, it doesn’t send pictures over the network and thus imports and resizes images really quickly. It loads photos directly from your hard disc, not over the internet.

Batch image resizer

Complete Feature List

Supported formats

Visual Image Resizer supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP photo formats. Visual Image Resizer supports RGB, CMYK 8bit and color managed photos. Resized photos are always RGB. Preserves EXIF and IPTC information in JPEG files. Supports 100% JPEG quality when saving images. Doesn’t use chroma sub-sampling when saving to JPEG format to preserve best possible colors.

Resizes batches of photos

Visual Image Resizer is able to resize a group of images at once. Select photos and folders for resizing and the app will watermark photos at once. Visual Image Resizer uses up to 4 processor cores for better performance.

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