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Probably you have a website and you want to upload a picture with its quality preserved. Often, the user also needs to send it by e-mail. In all these cases, the question of how to compress a photo remains relevant. What is the essence of this process and why it is necessary – we will analyze it in this article. Also, on this page, you can use our free online photo compressor that allows you to compress photos as quickly and easily as possible.

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What is the Image File Size?

Before learning about photo compression, let’s figure out the basics. It is important to know this to understand the key point of the process. File size, or otherwise weight, is measured in megabytes or kilobytes. It’s very important to understand that there are 1024 kilobytes in 1 megabyte.

File sizes depend on various factors:

  • The size of the photo is determined in pixels. If the picture has a size of 7360x4912 pixels, then its weight will be 5.2 megabytes. By reducing the image to 150 pixels, its weight will decrease to 75.7 kilobytes.
  • Image format: JPG, TIFF, RAW.
  • Several graphic details: you need to remember that the heavier the picture, the greater its weight.
original size before compress an image
compress photos online

Why Should you Compress Photos for the Website?

The main purpose of an image compression is to delete or group certain parts of the file to reduce its size.

A photo size compression procedure may be required in different situations. The most common is the publication of images and graphics on a website. The need to reduce the weight of the photo arises for the reason that too heavy images slow down the page loading process. If the site loads slowly, users don’t like it, and they go to competitors. Most often, the need for file compression occurs in such cases.

Smaller files take up less space on the server, so the site loads quickly and does not make the user wait.

Other reasons for photo compression:

  • Free up space in the internal storage of a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Reduce the weight of the image to send by email, and upload to certain sites (for example, to social networks).

If you do not compress photos, the user may encounter such problems:

  1. The site pages will take longer than three seconds to load, which will lead to a drop in conversions. Even if a person has high-speed Internet, he will not be able to upload photos with a lot of weight. If the user opens the site on his smartphone and from the mobile Internet, the page will load very slowly. As a result, the person leaves the resource, and you will lose a potential client.

  2. Internet traffic will be gone quickly, which people will not like. It will take more Internet traffic to upload heavy photos. If a person has a tariff with a limited amount of Internet, then he will spend precious bytes to download your site. No one will like it either.

  3. You will not be able to upload photos to a third-party resource that has restrictions on the weight of images. For example, if you need to post an image on a social network or another platform where there are pre-set limits on the weight of images.

how to compress a photo
compress photo size

Where Can You Change the Size of Photos

You can work with images, including compressing photos size, in various editors. These may be professional programs that need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. Another option is online applications that work through the browser. In the first and second cases, it is important to choose only proven programs that guarantee the security of user data. When installing a program on a computer, it is important to be careful when downloading it. After all, there is a risk to infect with a computer virus and losing all your data.

A convenient web application that can be run through a browser is Visual Watermark. Our online photo compressor does not need to be downloaded or installed.

The user just needs to download the site and select the desired function in the menu presented at the top. For example, compress photo. To work with photos, you do not need to register or enter your data.

Some browsers and websites may automatically compress images. It may seem to you that this is the easiest option to reduce the weight of the image and not waste time. However, keep in mind that with such automatic compression, the system can greatly degrade the quality of the photo.

If you invested a lot of resources to create content, and it became blurry or pixelated when uploaded to the site, it will be very insulting. It is better to devote your time to working on special applications. For example, Visual Watermark.

How to Compress a Photo in Visual Watermark

Our online photo compressor allows you to work with pictures in popular formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF. The tool is great for compressing photos because the system does everything possible to preserve the maximum quality of files while reducing the weight.

The user can simultaneously upload up to 10 images in different formats and work with them. If you buy an update, the number of images for simultaneous download will increase.

So, we tell you how to compress a photo in our application:

  1. Go to the online photo compressor at the top of the page. select images to compress
  2. Click on the “Select Images” button and select one of the suggested options:
    • Download from your computer. In this case, you will need to find the right folder in the computer’s memory and select the photos to download.
    • Upload from Google Drive, Google Photo, or Dropbox. The cloud storage user will need to provide access to the data for our application to upload the desired images.
    download images to compress By the way, you can also upload photos in a simple alternative. To do this, you can simply drag them from the computer folder to the window.
  3. Press the «Compress images» button.
  4. Choose the compression quality from the three suggested options: choose the quality of photo compression
    • Better Quality. The application will do its best to preserve the best quality.
    • Smaller Size. Compression will free up more space on the device.
    • Specific File Size. In this case, you will be able to specify the desired image weight yourself.

Everything is very convenient, fast, and intuitive.

After the images are compressed in the Visual Watermark photo compressor app, you can open them on any device; upload them to social networks and the website. Compressed images will have almost the same size as modern formats – HEIC and WEBP.

Properties of Compress Photo JPEG, PNG, GIF

Image compression is aimed at reducing the weight of the image with or without loss of quality. There are different image compression algorithms for the two methods. However, the general essence remains the same. To reduce the weight, certain service data is removed from the file. For example, colors that are repeated or other elements.

Worth mentioning that the optimization of image size in most cases does not affect the visual component of the picture. Especially if we talk about how the picture will look on the monitor screen. The changes will be more noticeable when printing images. However, you don’t need to compress images to print them.

Lossy compression applies to JPEG and GIF formats:

  • When compressing JPEG photos, certain fragments of the image are eliminated. If you choose a high compression ratio, it will be visually noticeable. However, if you choose the compression with the best quality, then this will have a minimal effect on the quality of the photo.

  • The system determines independently which parts will be removed during compression. As a rule, aspects of the human visual system are taken into account, which always gives preference to visual information. Therefore, secondary elements always fade into the background. For this reason, the system removes them to reduce weight. That is, color, brightness, contrast – these details are practically not affected.

JPEG compression is suitable for photos in which the detail size is larger than the pixel size. Just, in this case, the image quality will not change when compressed.

GIF compresses files by reducing the number of colors. If there are 256+ of them in the picture, then the format will make the picture less attractive. However, our application will do its best to preserve the visually high quality of the image.

Lossless compression means that when the image is saved after compression, the quality will remain the same. This principle of photo compression concerns the PNG format. When compressing images in this format, their small size and all the details are preserved. When a person opens a picture, all its parameters will be saved.

If you choose the compression quality correctly, you can reduce the weight of images by 90% or more. And this will make it much easier to upload them to the site or send them by email.

The Main Advantages of Working in Visual Watermark Photo Compressor App

Our photo compressor allows you to process photos directly in the browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to this advantage, thousands of users choose us. These are people who are not ready to waste time searching for editors and programs if they need to compress 1 photo or more.

Among other advantages of the web application, we can highlight:

  • Working in the application is very simple. You do not need the skills of a graphic editor, or special knowledge of photo compression. Our system knows what to do with your photos. You just need to upload a photo and choose the appropriate compression quality.
  • All client files are protected from third parties. We do not store files uploaded by users on our server. Our employees do not have access to the photos, so they will forever remain exclusively yours.
  • You can compress 10+ photos of different formats at the same time. The application greatly simplifies the processing of several images at once. Upload them to the site at the same time and choose the appropriate compression quality. Even with a large volume of files, our system works quickly and makes it easy to save images to your computer or the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have prepared answers to the most popular questions that users compress images formats JPEG, PNG, GIF.

How to compress photo size in jpg format?

Working with JPG images is much easier than with others. The fact is that this form is one of the most common. You can compress JPEG photos in almost any editor, including our Visual Watermark online application. Instructions on how to work with the compression tool can be found in our article.

How can I compress a photo without losing quality?

You can easily keep the visual quality of the image as close as possible to the original In our application. To do this, when saving an image in our application, simply select the “Better Quality” option. In this case, our system will do everything to make the saved image look high-quality and beautiful. At the same time, its weight will decrease to the maximum possible.

How many photos can I send by email?

Different mail services set their limits on the weight of files to be sent via email. For example, Gmail allows you to attach files that do not exceed the size of 25 MB. If your files weigh more, you should pre-compress them to reduce the weight.

How to compress photo size to send by email?

If you want to send one or more photos, but it weighs more than the mail service allows, visit our Visual Watermark application. The online tool allows you to work with 10 images simultaneously in the free version. In just 5 minutes, you can quickly reduce the weight of images and send them to the recipient. The procedure is very fast and convenient for each user. It does not cause any difficulty.

How to compress a photo in Windows 10?

If you have a Windows computer of any version or MAC, you can use our free Visual Watermark tool to work with photos freely. The application works online. It does not need to be installed on a computer to compress a photo. All processes are performed on the site, after processing, you can upload the finished photos to your computer.

How to resize a photo without losing quality online?

To reduce the weight of the image without loss of quality, you do not need to download graphic editors or special programs. After all, you need to spend precious time on this. The Visual Watermark web application works online on any device, including smartphones. When compressing, you can select the “Better Quality” option and in this case, compression will occur without loss of quality. The processed image will be attractive, and clear, with the original color rendering.

How to compress an image on an Android smartphone?

You can reduce the weight of the image using Visual Watermark in any convenient place. The main thing is that you have a smartphone or tablet with Internet access. After all, all functions are available only in online mode. To work with images, you need to go to our website in any mobile browser and find the “Compress Image” tool. Clicking on this function will open a new tab where you can upload an image for compression.

Visually, the mobile version of the site does not differ from the desktop version. If you have already worked on our application via a computer, there will be no difficulties. If you are on the site for the first time, read the instructions for using the “Compress Image” tool in this article.

Get even more privileges with Visual Watermark

The online tool “Compress Image” is not the only product of the Visual Watermark web application.

Guests of our website can also use other features of the online program:

  1. Add a watermark to the image to preserve copyrights or indicate their belonging to a certain group of documents.
  2. Add a watermark to the video to eliminate content theft and copyright infringement.
  3. Crop images into a circle, rectangle, specified aspect ratios, or in any format.
  4. Change the image parameters in pixels.
  5. Add any text to the picture. For example, a quote, a poem, or any other message.

Do you want to know much more information about the properties of the Visual Watermark web application? Then just stay with us!

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