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Faster Watermarking With Visual Watermark 4.30

Faster Watermarking With Visual Watermark 4.30

It’s time for the first release after summer holidays. We revised our processing engine by optimizing operation flow, memory utilization and algorithms that we use. What we got is 2-3 times faster performance of Plus and Premium editions. If you have Basic edition, you will get a performance boost too but a smaller one. In our test with twenty four 36Mpix images taken with Nikon D800, Visual Watermark 4.30 Basic watermarked photos 13% faster than older version 4.27. Plus edition was about twice faster than older version.

New Feature For Real-Estate Agents In Visual Watermark 4.21

Say, you’re a realtor and just starting to watermark your images. There is a big chance, you have hundreds of properties that have individual folders with numerous photos that you want to watermark. Watermarking each folder individually is obviously going to be time consuming, therefore we added a new feature to keep each folder separate.

New 'Preview' Feature In Visual Watermark 4.19

Visual Watermark allows you to customize watermark template on Personalize screen. Here you can change watermark text, replace logo with yours, adjust fonts and colors. Make the watermark unique and yours.

Here Visual Watermark displays first photo from the batch and it was difficult to understand how the watermark will look like on other images. Now, we added Preview feature that previews watermark on all other photos in the batch. Click Preview button on top of the Personalize screen to get a list of watermark previews.