What Is Image Optimization. Why It`s Important To Optimize Images For Web

What Is Image Optimization. Why It`s Important To Optimize Images For Web

The human brain processes a lot of images 60 thousand times faster than text. It is so arranged that we perceive visual content better. This is confirmed by road signs, which are presented in the form of an image, not text. So, people can understand the information while driving by car. Therefore, it`s very important to think not only about the text content but also about the visual part of it when developing your website on the Internet.

Let’s turn to statistics.

About 80% of users remember what they saw. And according to publishers, traffic grows 12 times faster when using visual content.

This is the confirmation of why you need to think about the visual component of your site.

How to Watermark Photos on Android in 2024

How to Watermark Photos on Android in 2024

Nowadays, it’s almost expected of you to share photos from your trips or memorable events on your social media. And that’s where you may face some danger. For example, you upload a few images to your Facebook account.

A week later, you see those same images on another website or social media account. You’re more than sure that you’ve never uploaded your photos there and no mention of your name is anywhere in sight, which leads you to a horrifying conclusion – your photos have been stolen.

Unfortunately, content theft isn’t uncommon – it’s actually awfully widespread, especially on social networks.

How To Watermark Your Instagram Photos in 2024

How To Watermark Your Instagram Photos in 2024

Photography is a form of visual art that allows you to tell a story without using a single word. Thanks to Instagram, we can now share our works with the rest of the world.

This very platform granted us the opportunity to express ourselves, talk about what interests, excites and bothers us. It has drastically changed the business scene and helped hundreds of people to realize their dreams.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users from all over the world.

Process your PDFs with our new web service

Greetings, everyone!

We are very happy to announce that we are launching a new website for processing PDF files!

Our new web service will offer several online tools. With their help, you’ll be able to merge, split, compress and convert your PDF documents. At the moment, there is only one web-based app available – Merge PDFs. But we are planning on adding the other online tools soon.

New online tools: Crop Photo and Compress JPEG

Hello, everyone!

We have some amazing news for you! Today we’d like to tell you about two new online tools that are available on our website.

First of all, now you can crop photos without watermarking them with our new Crop Photo web-based app. It is straightforward, simple and fast with no pop ups or ads disturbing you. With our app you can crop each photo in one batch differently. You can choose one of three popular aspect ratios – 1:1, 4:3,16:9 – or adjust the cropping area to your liking without any locked proportions. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of an image to its height.