On Google+ Fine Print

On Google+ Fine Print

What is Google+ ?

I guess that all of you have already heard about a new overwhelming project from Google – a social networking service code-named Google+.

It was born only 1 month ago, but has already got more than 10 million members and one of its basic approaches to social networking (so-called ‘Life Circles’) is agreed by many experts to be the thing that users will like very much – so much that Google+ will be able to make a revolution and replace Facebook on its throne.

Batch Watermarking Using Adobe Aperture

Aperture is photo management software for Mac that allows you to store and refine high volumes of photos. All images are stored in a special folder called library. This means when importing photos from a camera memory card Aperture copies them into an internal storage (“library”). You can easily erase your memory card while Aperture will store original photos for you on your hard disc.

However, this makes photo watermarking a bit inconvenient since Visual Watermark cannot retrieve images from the library, only Aperture can. You should export your photos from the library first. This tutorial shows how this can be done.

Aperture Library screenshot

Your Photos Were Stolen!

78% percents of US photographers say their photos were being used illegally. Most likely your photos were stolen too. Can it be possible to find who is using your images? Now there is an answer. Google started an image reverse search service that uses image identification technology to find exact matches of the photo you ask it to search for. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your photo into the search box.

To Watermark Photos or Not?

To Watermark Photos or Not?

Making a good picture is time consuming process and they are rare. It is much easier to take somebody else’s work and use it for a website or an ad. Especially, because it is so easy now: just a couple clicks using your mouse. In most cases, the author of the photo gets no credit for her image.

And what? Doesn’t everybody download MP3s and movies from internet for free? Sometimes not.