How To Find Out Who Used Your Photos

How To Find Out Who Used Your Photos

Alas, nowadays it’s hard to protect your artwork from unauthorized use. In this respect, the Web is especially inhospitable towards photographers. You are probably aware of some outrageous photo-thefts discussed in the media. If you are a professional or amateur photographer, make sure that your photos are duly protected from illegal use. Always create a watermark for your photos. If you suspect that they are used illegally somewhere, you can check your suspicions. Just use one of the following services.

How To Rename Watermarked Photos

Rename Images feature allows you to “prettify” your filenames and make them meaningful. This is very useful if you’re going to send them to your customers or doubt you’ll easily find a photo between IMG_XXXX.jpg and DSCXXXX.jpg files.

How To Sequentially Number Images

When sending images to your customers, it’s very important to make ordering as easy as possible. The biggest problem is to remember all filenames they want to order. A combination of IMG or DSC with a random number isn’t somewhat easy to remember for you and your customer.

It’s a good idea to sequentially number images before sending them to your customers. It’s so much easier for them to say they want images 4, 8, 15 and 27 than look into filenames and say they want files DSC02154.jpg, DSC03153.jpg and DSC15345.jpg.