How to Watermark Your Photos. Quick & Easy App

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Would you like to know:

How to quickly and easily watermark your photos?

How to add a watermark to hundreds of photos simultaneously?

How to create a unique and stylish watermark, even if you are not a designer?

Or perhaps you want to know how to add an existing logo to your images or even create a new logo watermark in our editor and use it as your watermark?

You can do all of this with Visual Watermark. Keep watching and I will take you through the app step-by-step.

Let’s start with uploading the photos to the app. Click on “Select images” and choose the correct source. To select all photos contained in a folder, press Ctrl+A on Windows or Cmd+A on Mac. You can delete images from the app individually or all at once by clicking “Clear”.

You can also drag and drop your photos or entire folders. Then, click “Next Step” and start adding your watermark.

If you have used Visual Watermark before, you’ll see your previously-made watermark templates. If you use the app regularly, this option can significantly save you time because you can quickly process a lot of photos by adding the saved watermark.

To create a brand new watermark, click “Add Text”. You will be able to customize your watermark. Type in your name, the name of your company, your contact details, or whatever else you want.

You can add a symbol or other additional information to your text. It can be a copyright symbol, file name, file date, image number, etc.

Change the text size and pick the font you like. Visual Watermark has 926 different fonts you can choose from. Some of them have a few variations. Adjust the position and color. Try one of the 66 effects to add emphasis to your watermark.

Then, click “Next Step”.

Now you are in the Output section. If you watermark multiple images in one go, you should go to the Preview Section in order to check that all your photos have been watermarked correctly. Here you can adjust the watermark’s position, size, transparency, and rotation on individual images.

Next, choose an output folder. Note: You cannot export images to the folder which contains the original images.

We recommend enabling the auto-scale option. This means that Visual Watermark will automatically adjust the size of watermarks for cropped and hi-res images in the same batch.

You can change the image format and quality, and resize your photos if necessary. You can leave the file names unchanged or provide new ones.

Visual Watermark also allows you to specify your copyright information, which is added to the image metadata (EXIF) and isn’t visible. It can be read using the file Properties on Windows and Preview App on Mac.

Once all the required output settings are selected, click “Watermark Photos” to add your watermark. Wait a few seconds and you are done.

Now let’s go back to editing. If you want to increase your watermark protection, add more than one watermark to your photos. Use the Tile option for that. You can put them vertically or diagonally, adjust the space between the elements and also rotate them. Make sure to make them more transparent so as not to distract attention from the image itself.

You can also watermark photos using your company logo. If your logo file has an opaque background, you can remove it. All editing options are available for logo watermarks, as well as for text watermarks.

Another option is adding a group. It means that you create a watermark as a combination of lines of text and a logo. Visual Watermark offers 10 inbuilt watermark templates. You can add as many watermark templates as you like to compose your brand new watermark.

Click the watermark element to select and edit it. The second click selects the entire watermark group. To upload your logo, select a watermark template with the “Logo” icon and click “Change logo” at the top of the editing section.

This is all you need to do to add a watermark. The Visual Watermark app provides you with fast results and doesn’t require any knowledge of image editing programs or graphic design.

What’s more, this app has the following advantages which might help you choose Visual Watermark:

  1. Visual Watermark works on your computer, not on the Internet. It takes your images directly from the computer’s memory. The same is true for sending watermarked copies back to your computer. This means that the entire process will be extremely fast as nothing will interrupt it. Visual Watermark can process up to 50,000 files simultaneously. It won’t affect the watermarking speed.
  2. Nobody can access your originals. Your images will never reach or be stored on our server, since they are uploaded directly from your computer and not via the Internet. The entire watermarking process – from start to finish – takes place on your device. No one will have access to your files, so there’s no need to be worried.
  3. Since Visual Watermark doesn’t need Internet access to work, you can process your images whenever and wherever you want, whether you’re working or traveling.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, you have protection against automated watermark removal. There are artificial intelligence algorithms that can analyze and automatically remove watermarks. This is possible when the watermark is semi-transparent and is used to protect hundreds of images. The Visual Watermark app makes your watermark more robust. It slightly changes your watermark template for every picture you copyright. The watermarking tool adds unique watermarks that artificial intelligence algorithms struggle to remove completely.

The best way to find out how the program works is to install a trial version. This allows you to test all the features of the app for free and determine whether it suits your needs. There are only two limitations in the trial version that you should to bear in mind:

1.The text “Protected with Visual Watermark” will be added to your images along with your watermark. 2. Not all fonts will be available.

The rest of the editing options are available in the trial version. Try it and share your opinions in the comments below.