How To Watermark Your Instagram Photos in 2022

Photography is a way to tell a story that cannot be expressed in words. Thanks to the social network for sharing photos and videos on Instagram, each of us can take photos and other content to express our interests, attract attention and develop business.

Every month Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people. This is a huge audience that can evaluate your creativity in real-time. Through posting the different photos, you can find new acquaintances and even real friends; turn your hobby into your actual profession, and become a partner of global brands.

Previously, to share your art, you had to work very and very hard and put in several difficult attempts. Today it’s enough to take a smartphone, go to social networks Instagram and publish your product of intellectual labor on the Internet. But any publication that gets online through your Instagram account automatically becomes a trick for scammers. Irresponsible people take and steal the works of others creators and pass them off as their own. It is very disappointing. Because you can spend much time creating content, and someone will just ruthlessly steal it.

Watermark Instagram will allow you to protect your copyrights and advertise your brand simultaneously. Our article will be devoted to this topic.

watermark instagram photos

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Photos on Instagram

All men want to have attractive accounts but are not ready to spend time, money, energy on creating high-quality content.

It`s understandable logic, because many people think, why invent a bicycle if someone did it. Guided by this, unscrupulous users simply steal other people’s pictures and pass them off as their creativity.

The owners of the social network may have intentionally excluded the “Download” button. But this did not prevent resourceful users from “bypassing the system” and finding ways to save content. There are already many methods for downloading photo content from Instagram. Many people manage by simply creating a screenshot of the image. Some download special applications.

In principle, saving photos from Instagram is a normal process, for example, for companies that collect photo reviews and want to publish them on the page.

But stealing content is unacceptable. Such people violate copyright law but get what they want.

There is also the most offensive thing in this case! Money for stolen content can be received not by its creators, but by those who shamelessly stole it. There are many theft cases of visual and photo content of goods/services that companies put up for their own. They post the picture up for sale, set up advertising, and in fact, they deceive people who, unfortunately, are being conducted and pay them money.

Watermark Instagram is an ability to protect not only your content but also to protect other users from scammers.

What is Watermark Instagram

We are sure many people know what a watermark is well. Just worth reminding, this is an image or text that is superimposed on the text on top of the picture. As a rule, it`s made transparent or monochrome so that the essence of the picture is not lost.

If we talk about watermark on Instagram, in this case, it`s a special symbol. You just put it on your content to protect intellectual property, identify the author of the image and avoid theft.

What your Instagram watermark will look like depends entirely on your wishes and purposes. Any creator can make it in the form of a brand logo, write a text, add a symbol. It can be imperceptible or, conversely, as pronounced as possible. Optionally, you can put your first and last name, phone number, email address, quote – whatever you want.

Many people who work in social networks and promote their services watermark Instagram images to advertise them and show people who is the author. So, competitors cannot use images for their benefit.

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Why You Should Watermark Your Instagram Photos

Original content for a social network is expensive – you need to invest time (the most valuable resource), money, brainstorm, photoshoot, think over graphic design. And that’s not all. Content creation can take not just a few days, but even months. Accordingly, the cost will also not be small. Considering such costs, it`s quite logical that the content creator will want to protect his works from copyright infringement and depreciation.

Many opinion leaders of the social network advise not to put a watermark, because it can ruin the work and will not protect against privacy violations. That’s not so. If you use the watermark correctly, it will not only protect copyright but also have a positive impact on the brand image – a watermark with your corporate symbols, text, and information of contact will allow people to recognize, remember and easily identify you.

Where to Create a Watermark for Instagram Photos

You should use our mobile application, which can be downloaded to smartphones with iOS and Android. It will take you a few minutes to create a watermark for your Instagram photos.

The application includes various tools to protect your content:

  • insert multi-line text;
  • text justification;
  • adjusting the distance between lines;
  • font: minimalist, calligraphic, classic - more than 1000 fonts in total;
  • picture scaling;
  • regulation of the location of the sign;
  • changing transparency;
  • turn at any angle;
  • color change (including gradients) and much more.

To place watermark on Instagram, you can choose a suitable logo from a pre-prepared collection folder or upload your logo. We have a “Delete background” function that will remove all unnecessary.

To display watermark on your Instagram pictures, you can specify the desired image quality and the size. Our application offers an automatic watermark scaling function. Whether to use it or not is entirely your decision.

A useful feature! If you upload pictures with horizontal and vertical positions immediately, you can adjust the location of Watermark Instagram for each photo in the “Preview” section, while not affecting other photos.

With our application, you can quickly apply to Watermark Instagram. We guarantee that the process will give you pleasure!

How To Add Watermark To Instagram Photos Using Our App:

If you decide to use our app to put Instagram Watermark on the image, first download it: Android, iOS. When the application is installed, launch it and proceed as follows step by step:

  1. Add your images.

    Watermark Instagram Photos - step 1
  2. Click on the item “Add Logo” button.

  3. Choose the place from where you will take the logo – “From the gallery” (this will be our gallery) or “From my phone” (from your files).

    Watermark Instagram Photos - step 2
  4. Click “Add Text” (if you want to post a text message).

  5. Click on the word “Sample”, erase it and write your text.

    Watermark Instagram Photos - step 3
  6. Select the “Font” function to open a special menu. Specify the font name in the search bar (if you know it). Next, select the “Color” function and specify the shade you like.

    Watermark Instagram Photos - step 4
  7. If desired, change the size, transparency level, rotation angle of the logo.

  8. You can choose the “Tile” function to fill the whole picture with watermarks (there will be several of them). There is a variant of square tiles in the shape of a diamond.

  9. If desired, add an effect (there are 33 in our collection).

    Watermark Instagram Photos - step 5

When the work on the development of Watermark Instagram is finished, click on the “Watermark Images” button. If you don’t want it to change the scale on its own, specify this.

In the “JPEG quality” item, determine the appropriate degree of quality:

  • Maximum.
  • Excellent.
  • Good.
  • Average.

Select “Resize image”, specify your option – “Width”, “None”, “Height”, “Percentage”, “Rectangle size”.

Click on the “Watermark Preview” item and look at how the watermark will be based on your photos. If you are not satisfied with some position, drag the watermark to another location yourself. After that, adjust the size, suitable opacity level. If you want to exit this section, just click on the cross.

Click “Watermark Images” to add watermark to your Instagram photos. Copies with watermarks will be saved in your gallery on your smartphone. After that, you can upload your images to Instagram.

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your images. No one will get access to the originals. They are not stored on our servers. All photos remain solely your property.

Tips for Watermarking Your Instagram Photos

The main function of the watermark is to protect content from theft. Therefore, it`s very important to make it such a way that no one can easily remove it by cropping an image or simply editing it in the most primitive application.

If you place a watermark on a solid background, it will be easy to remove it. It’s better to put the Instagram watermark in the part of the photo that has more details.

Always think about the size of the watermark – it should be in such format to protect the maximum of important details of the image. It`s good if the watermark takes up 30% of the image.

If you want to make Instagram watermark unobtrusive, reduce transparency. So the watermark will perform its function of protection, but it will not affect the quality of the picture, it will not violate the semantic load that you have conceived.

Add watermarks only to those images that have a high resolution. So even if edited, all the details and elements will be clear, the colors will be saturated.

Place contact information as a watermark if possible. If the photo gets online, then people will be able to contact you. However, do not write all the contact information at once to protect yourself from intrusive calls or messages.

Work on the placement of the watermark, try different options, and then you will accurately determine the best format for protecting your images.

Instagram Watermark

Whether to Watermark Your Images for Instagram or Not is Entirely Your Choice

Each social network user reserves the right to watermark Instagram photos or to refuse such an idea. If you create truly unique content, invest your strength and money in it, and don’t want it to be stolen, protect your resources. A small watermark will not affect the quality of the picture and its beauty, but you will be sure that no one will pass off your work as his own.

You will need watermark images not only for Instagram posts but also for Pinterest or Facebook for example. On Pinterest, people are looking for inspiration and often save pictures for themselves, but forget about saving a clickable link to the author’s account. Thanks to watermark, your content will be protected from offensive theft. The same goes for Facebook. It’s even easier to steal images here because no one puts restrictions on downloading.

Thanks to the watermark application on the Instagram image, your works will be reliably protected from anonymous distribution on the Internet. You will ensure respect for your works and the time spent on their creation.