Top 4 Photo Stock Websites With Stunning Free Images

Top 4 Photo Stock Websites With Stunning Free Images

Nowadays it’s all about the visual content as it grabs people’s attention faster than just a plain text. Websites, blogs, ads, social media - you see pictures everywhere, but have you ever thought where they came from? Surely, not everyone, who runs a blog or a website, has enough resources to create a visual content of their own. In case you ran into the same problem, free photo stock websites can help you solve it.

Beautiful images can make a post look more interesting, which leads to more people clicking on and reading it. Fortunately, you don’t have to be good at photography to fill your blog with pictures, because you can find a lot of visual content suitable for any topic on photo stocks. Moreover, even if you are a photographer and you showcase your works on your blog, every once in a while you may need to make a tutorial post and show your audience the examples of good and bad photos. Where do you get them? Free photo stocks, of course. Let’s say, you don’t have a blog, but you wish to make your website a tit bit visually pleasing. Photo stocks can help you out too. The fact that there are many photo stock websites means that you’re definitely going to find exactly what you want - you just have to look for it.

Also, you may need images a part of a project, which can be commercial or personal. What if your friends are throwing a party and you volunteered to make colorful, eye-catchy invitations? Well, you can look for free images on photo stocks to make them pop. This would be a personal or non-commercial way of using stock photos. But you may also use them for business. Sometimes thing go sideways: the weather conditions are far from perfect, the images got lost, etc. Re-making one or two generic shots, needed for the project, might be too expensive. Also, you can use stock images as a template to show your client what you have in mind.

The main advantage of photos stocks is that they take care of the copyrights issue. It’s tempting to just open up Google Pics, search for what you need and save the picture, then use it for your needs. Unfortunately, it may cost you more than you think. Photographers can easily upload their image into Google and look up where their photos ended up. If the author finds out you stole his image, it might result in a law suit and a financial penalty. With photos stocks everything is clear and simple. You won’t be able to download an image if it is not for free use. There is no confusion from both side as photographers and customers know the terms and conditions, which can be found on every photo stock website.

As you may know, some of the popular photo stocks ask you to pay for their photos. But don’t worry, if you don’t have the budget. Here are 3 photo stock websites, where you can find free high quality images.



This is an incredible website with a varied selection of beautiful, high-resolution photos, which are compiled in different categories, for instance, “Current Events”, “Business &Work”, “Fashion”. The main page showcases Photo of the day as well as some popular images.

All the images published on this website are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means that you can use photos for free and for any purposes - commercial or noncommercial. Also, you don’t have to give any credit to Unsplash or the photographer, although, it would be appreciated. Unsplash has built an amazing community of talented photographers. Here you have a great chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Icons 8


This is a very interesting and somewhat unique photo stock website. Icons8 was clearly made with a bit of a humor, but also love and care for those in need of a visual material for their projects. As it is stated on their website you can use all the photos for a link. In other words, as long as you credit Icons8, you can use anything you want from their website absolutely for free.

They have a consistent style, since one and the same team works and produces images. You can even order a photo if you want! They have quite an interesting collection and various categories - from “Bizarre” to “Travel” and “Wedding”. There is a compiled list with the information on the amount of photos in each category as well as which one is trending at the moment.

Deposit Photos


Depositphotos is one of the first stock content platforms in the world. Its library offers an impressive selection of images, design templates, music, and videos. In addition, the Depositphotos library is growing by 5 million files each month, and now has 220 million files for your consideration.

Working with Depositphotos, you can greatly reduce the time you spend on searching for content since the platform offers search based on artificial intelligence, easy-to-navigate content categories, and advanced search filters (search by color, orientation, viewing angle, etc.). Importantly, that Depositphotos also has a free files section, which is updated daily with popular images and videos.

Depositphotos recently released the Background Removing tool and Image Upscaler based on artificial intelligence.

At first glance, a subscription to Depositphotos might not seem cheap. But if you want to make your product or service authentic and recognizable on the market, think about the unique content for your brand.



Another great place to look for free high-resolution images is Pexels. They are operating under CC0 license as well, so there is no fuss about attribution. You can also modify downloaded pictures to your liking.

Here you can find photos sorted by categories and albums, but you can also use the search bar. Their vast collection is brilliantly curated and organized. Pexels have a great selection of artsy pictures from landscapes to abstract and fashion. Also, they have free stock videos!

Remember, there is always a possibility of your pictures being stole. We recommend to make a watermark for your photos before publishing them online. Visual Watermark is a fast and convenient photo watermarking app. It works right on your computer and allows you to watermark several pictures at once.

Photo stocks - free or not - were created out of a high demand in visual content. Whether you need it for a website, a project or something else, you may not have resources to organize a photoshoot to get the images that you want. But you can always find something similar to what you have in mind among stock photos.