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Batch Watermarking in Adobe Photoshop

Batch Watermarking in Adobe Photoshop

Batch watermarking in Photoshop is easy! Learn how. This article will show you how to batch watermark an entire folder of photos with a transparent watermark in Photoshop. The tutorial result will look like this

Photoshop vs Visual Watermark

Here I watermark a series of images using Photoshop and then using Visual Watermark – a specialized watermarking software. The latter works better for watermarking, but Photoshop has so many features… and it is a single program that can do everything.

Why Visual Watermark

Easy to install and use in spite of wide functionality. The user interface of Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software is very intuitive, which lets you quickly start working with it. Also, we supply an animated photo watermarking tutorial to show you how easy it is to place a visible watermark. It will explain every exciting feature of Visual Watermark – Photo Watermarking Software so you will be ready to start working in 5 minutes!