Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Register your copyright in USA

Copyright registration is optional. Once you’ve made a shoot, you own the photograph. The copyright is instantly yours for a minimum of 25 years*. Someone can use your photographs as long as they credit you. If in fact someone were to abuse your photograph or artwork, you should prove somehow that it is yours. The legal copyright registration provides you an additional in-depth protection on all levels.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Nuances of pet photography

Well, everybody knows the win-win step towards the enormous popularity in the Internet. Of course, it’s about animals and especially supercute kittens and puppies. It seems that even the angriest man in the world couldn’t resist the fascination of a little ball of fur. Nevertheless, don’t you realize it is high time to shift your skills from the point of an ordinary pet’s owner to a professional photographer who takes really good pets’ pictures? If so, our article is dedicated to you.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to photograph children & newborn: tips for success

Newborn & baby photography is very popular for a rather apparent reason. Every mother and father at some point wishes to capture those fleeting moments when their baby is still so incredibly little and defenseless. We all know how quickly children grow up. The chance to save the precious memories is to take professional photos of your baby.

Your content is stolen: what should you do?

If you often post content on websites and social networks and share pictures with followers, and your content has never been stolen, you probably live in a fairytale. The real life is much more cruel. If your content is more or less valuable, useful or actual, be sure it will likely appear on other users’ websites.

Ways of copyright protection on your website

The internet enables brands and individuals to easily distribute any content. Companies and entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity for marketing purposes in order to attract attention of potential customers with useful and informative articles, vivid pictures, videos or other content forms.

Everything you need to know about DMCA

Active development of electronic technology and the internet has simplified life of information pirates and plagiaries. Today everybody can easily copy, duplicate and distribute other people’s intellectual products. In order to control this situation in 1996 the World Intellectual Property Organization developed the WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) as well as the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT). These documents formed the basis for international laws protecting copyright and regulating relationship between rights holders, intermediaries and consumers of intellectual products.

What does copyright mean?

Writers, artists, musicians, photographers and other people who are engaged in creative professions get paid for the use of their works. Unfortunately, in real life this statement is not always true. We’ll say more, in the modern internet era creators of different intellectual products such as artists, photographers or software developers often get nothing for copying and usage of their works. Therefore, let us correct the first sentence and say that people of art MUST get paid. Copyright provides such a liability for users of borrowed content.

Where Are Your Photos Used?

Alas, nowadays it’s hard to protect your artwork from unauthorized use. In this respect, the Web is especially inhospitable towards photographers. You are probably aware of some outrageous photo-thefts discussed in the media. If you are a professional or amateur photographer, make sure that your photos are duly protected from illegal use. If you suspect that they are used illegally somewhere, you can check your suspicions. Just use one of the following services.

How to Type a Trademark ™ Symbol

These are standard methods to add a trademark symbol to any program on your computer. They are built-in into your operating system and available in every program you have: Word, Picasa, Visual Watermark and all others.

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

International law protects your copyright but the law also requires a clear evidence of your authority and can do nothing with people who don’t understand copyright. You will have to prove your authority in a court before you can make a claim. If you fail to proof your copyright ownership, you won’t be able to get pay for a stolen work and will have to pay court dues. Ensuring the best copyright protection for your work relies on 4 factors:

Copyright Symbol – How To Type It

These are standard methods to add a copyright symbol to any program on your computer. They are built-in into your operating system and available to any program: Word, Picasa, Visual Watermark and all others.