Benefits of Using an Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor Review

To really make an impression, you should post images that have been edited to perfection on the internet. Everyday shots just won’t cut it in today’s market – you truly have to craft works of art using a photo editor to really draw the eye.

The first thing that comes to mind is Photoshop. But the program is quite difficult to master. If you are a novice photographer, you will spend quite a lot of time trying to understand how all the different features work. Another disadvantage of Photoshop is that it is very demanding on your computer’s resources. If you have an old device with a poor video card and slow processor, you won’t be able to install and run the photo editor.

Working with images can be costly, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any budget-friendly alternatives when it comes to processing them. Instead of paying for Photoshop, what other options do you have?

Enhancing images has become easier with the advent of online photo editors. From applying filters to cropping images, correcting colors, or adding text to photos, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

More About Online Photo Editor

This editor will be appreciated, not only by beginners but also by professional photographers who are already used to working with Adobe Photoshop.

With the online platform, you can completely change your picture by applying various masks and effects. The editor will allow you to create a collage, rotate, display the picture, and so on. You do not need to use your existing pictures. You can take pictures in real time, using your webcam on your computer or smartphone.

Another feature of the online photo editor is that it requires almost no resources from your computer. The resources of the remote server are used for the work, so the processor on your PC is hardly used. All you need to process your images is any device (a computer, tablet, or smartphone) and a stable internet connection. You can process your images in the editor using absolutely any browser.

Advantages of the Online Photo Editor

Let’s look at the features and advantages of online photo editors compared to the installed editors:

  1. Easy to use. To process a photo, you don’t need to watch a special video tutorial or attend a course. The service has an intuitive interface, just a couple of mouse clicks and you have a high-quality and professionally processed image in front of you.
  2. Large list of available tools. The online photo editor offers a vast selection of features, allowing you to make your photos look nearly indistinguishable from the professional quality produced with Photoshop or Illustrator. This editor includes all the standard methods like cropping, flipping, and rotating as well as frames, filters, and special effects to make your images truly unique. Utilizing this tool will allow you to create stunning visuals with ease.
  3. Fast and stable operation. You can rely on a quick and reliable performance every time you use the editor - no matter if it’s day or night when you need to work on your images. With the editor at your fingertips, you can make adjustments to your images whenever and wherever you like.
  4. Quickly undo any changes you make. Revert to your former configuration with a single click of a mouse. When you undo the last alteration you made, all other settings remain as they were, ready for you to apply another edit.
  5. Free use. Forget about additional payments for turning your pictures into true masterpieces - with us, you can do it effortlessly and without a fee.
  6. Privacy and security. All processed photos are stored on the servers of the service for a limited time, no one else can access them. You do not need to worry about the privacy of your photos.
  7. The originals remain untouched. For those who choose to make modifications to their images, an unaltered version is always preserved. Should the effects used within the editing process fail to meet one’s expectations, it is simple enough to revert to the untouched photograph.

The online photo editor is a simple tool that makes you feel like a true picture artist. You do not need any special skills to process your pictures. You can start experimenting with your images now.

Overview of the Main Functions of the Online Photo Editor

When it comes to how you can personalize digital images online, the options are sometimes overwhelming. To get started, consider splitting the photo-editing features into basic and specialized activities.

Basic functions of the editor

Among the basic functions of the online photo editor are:

  1. Cropping an image. You can use this tool to remove unnecessary parts of your photo. You can perform a standard crop in the form of a square or rectangle, or you can give your finished picture an original circular shape.
  2. Rotation. To adjust the horizon line of your photo or give it a creative twist, it is easy to rotate it. Keep in mind that rotating your image allows you the freedom to experiment with new angles and perspectives.
  3. Reflecting vertically or horizontally. This tool gives you the power to instantly reverse the axis, creating a flipped version of your picture. Whether you want a horizontal or vertical mirror effect, you can achieve this result in no time.
  4. Quick photo correction. With this tool, you can achieve stunning results right away – from simple adjustments to the contrast and color of your images to adjusting the shadows, temperature, clarity, saturation, brightness, and white balance.

Adding effects to images

Which photo effect do you use most often? Or maybe you have no favorite effect, and you like to try something new each time? There are hundreds of filters and effects in the online photo editor that can help you transform your photos beyond recognition.

There are vintage effects, popular black-and-white effects, and filters that will make your photo look like it was just taken with an old Polaroid.

Filters often help you quickly process photos for posting to social media. Adding an effect is a great way to draw attention to your photo. You can use filters to highlight important elements in your photo, emphasize its structure, and more.

Most importantly, adding a new filter to your photo only takes a couple of seconds. In just a couple of clicks, you can transform your image and make it more appealing.

Adding a watermark to your photo

If you often publish your photos online, you should think about protecting them from illegal copying. That’s why watermarking your photo is a good idea. The free watermark software will allow you to process hundreds of images in just a couple of minutes. At the same time, you can create a watermark from scratch so that it can be added to all your photos.

There are many settings available for watermarks. You can change the font, color, background image, and more. You can also use the editor to easily turn any picture or logo into a watermark. All unnecessary backgrounds from the picture will be removed in just a couple of clicks. More details about - How to add logo to photo.

Add text to photos

The editor will also help you sign your picture or brand it. You can choose from over 926 different fonts. These include normal, italic, bold, and bold fonts. The finished text will exactly match your photo and complement it.

Renaming your photos

The disadvantage of most modern cameras is that they assign numeric names to the photos taken. Most often, the only difference between the image names is the last few digits. It is very difficult to find the right one among all the images, based only on the title. With our online photo editor, you will be able to replace the standard title with a more customized one.

Photo compression

The editor will also resize your photo. This function is useful if you have a lot of photos to send by e-mail, or, for example, to upload to the website. One of the advantages of a photo compressor is that the quality of your photos is practically unaffected after resizing.

You can choose your own compression format - for a specific weight, with preservation of quality, or maximum compression. Batch compression of images is also available - you can reduce up to 10 photos absolutely free.

Device compatibility

The online photo editor works through a browser, so it runs on almost all devices. You can process your photos on operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10. MacBooks and iMacs with Mac OS X Lion (10.7), and various mobile devices running on IOS and Android are also supported.

The editor supports working with various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, RGB, CMYK 8 bit, etc.


If you need to process your images quickly, use the online photo editor. With it, you will be able to completely transform your picture in just a couple of minutes. There is no need to spend time learning complicated tools; our editor has a simple and intuitive interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the online photo editor?

You can crop an image, mirror it and add filters, text, watermarks, and more.

What image formats does the editor work with?

Our online photo editor supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, RGB, and other formats.

Do I need to install something on my PC to start working?

No, the editor works fully online in your browser. You will not need to download or install anything on your computer.