Improved Background Removal Feature

Hello! We are happy to announce that Visual Watermark has a few new updates and we would like to tell you about them.

First of all, the feature of background removal from black and white uploaded logos had been massively improved. For instance, let’s say, you have a digital version of your signature. The signature itself is black and the background is white. You want to add this signature to your photos as a watermark, so you uploaded it into Visual Watermark. The white background is still visible, though, and in order to remove it you have to click on “Remove Background”. Voilà! The background is gone now - simple as that. Along with having improved this feature, we also added the ability to choose the color for your uploaded signature or any other uploaded logo, which makes it easier to create a logo watermark that is coherent with the color palette of your photo.

Secondly, we have added 82 fonts, which support Cyrillic and Greek symbols and there are 20 brand new Korean fonts! If you are a Windows user and the language of your computer system is either Korean or Russian, then these new additional fonts are going to install in your version of Visual Watermark automatically. Everyone else can download them by clicking on “Download More Fonts”. This button can be found under the list of fonts in Visual Watermark.

The new capability is available in Visual Watermark 4.99. Please download updated version from our website here:

Download Visual Watermark

New version is available for free if you own one of older 4.x versions. Program version is shown in the program title. If you see a version number starting from “4.”, download installer from our website and run it. It will update your current copy automatically.