Add Text to Photo. Tutorial

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If you are searching for a quick and easy tool for adding text to your photo, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how to create unique and incredible captions and add them to an image in just a few clicks.

You can add just one word, or a colored string of text, or design a quote using several different font styles.

Try “Add Text” from Visual Watermark. It is 100% online. No cost, no ads, no registration, and no special editing skills are required. Go to, select the “Add Text to Photo” tool, and start working.

The first thing I should do is upload my image to the app. I can drag and drop or click on the “Select Image” button.

Next, I enter the desired text and choose the right place for my caption. The app helps me to align the text in the center.

Now, I need to select a font style. In the free version of the app, we can use one of 12 recommended fonts. In the paid version, the number of fonts we have access to is 926. I think “Degreco” looks nice and it’s free.

I can change the size of the textual element by dragging the corner of it. I can also use the orange slider in the setting box. Or I can just type in the specific size.

As you can see, all the settings can be found next to the text, which means there’s no need to move the cursor around the entire screen.

The last thing I want to do with my caption is add the right visual effect. Now it looks perfect to me, so I will save the image.

The photo with the added text starts downloading immediately. It’s important to note that the original image hasn’t been modified. So, if I am not sure about the text style, I can create multiple designs of it, add them each to the image, and choose the best one later.

Let’s continue.

If you want to add another photo to the app, you don’t need to delete the previous one. Just drag the new image into the box, and that’s it.

Now I want to add more text to my photo. I will therefore want to adjust the alignment and line height.

I will use the font “Eagle Lake” for this caption. It seems a bit fancy. And this time I want the color of the text to match the entire color scheme of the image.

One more adjustment and we’re done. It’s very simple, isn’t it?

My third photo will be signed with a quote. Since I would like the lines of text to be slightly different in size, I will add them as separate text elements. There is no need to choose the same font, color, and effect for each string of text because I can just duplicate the first caption and then change the text and the size.

The last thing to do is adjust the placement.

I’ve used a free font again. But I want to show you what it could look like with a different font from the paid version.

I can remove the entire quote by clicking the “Remove All” button. I can also undo the last item I deleted if I’ve done this by mistake.

Now I am adding the fourth and last picture. There will be another quote on it, but the strings will differ in font, color, and size. If you’ve already chosen your design settings, adding text is very simple to do.

Using this app, you can not only add text, but also a logo. You can choose an icon from the gallery or upload a ready-made one. If your logo has a background, you can remove it.

What else can you do with the “Add Text” tool? You can use your text element as a watermark. Try the “Tile” option in the settings bar to improve your picture protection. It is possible to adjust the spacing between elements, as well as their opacity and rotation. You can do all of this absolutely free of charge.

I think that the “Add Text” tool from Visual Watermark is perfect for anyone who just needs to add a caption to a photo with a simple and straightforward design. If you’ve never used Visual Watermark before, buying the paid version of the app gives you access to all the tools for editing photos. This means you will be able to watermark photos, videos, and PDFs, and crop, compress, and resize your images with no time limits.

I’d like to wish you the best of luck using the app and creating a unique design for your caption.