New online tools: Crop Photo and Compress JPEG

Hello, everyone!

We have some amazing news for you! Today we’d like to tell you about two new online tools that are available on our website.

First of all, now you can crop photos without watermarking them with our new Crop Photo web-based app. It is straightforward, simple and fast with no pop ups or ads disturbing you. With our app you can crop each photo in one batch differently. You can choose one of three popular aspect ratios – 1:1, 4:3,16:9 – or adjust the cropping area to your liking without any locked proportions. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of an image to its height.

For example, if you want your cropping area to be a square, you will need to choose the 1:1 ratio. It is important to note, that our web-based app doesn’t have a pixel input. To select a cropping area, you only need to adjust the blue borders with your cursor.

Crop Photo app doesn’t require any editing skills. You just need to open the app, upload your photos, select the cropping area on each image in the batch, then start the cropping process. In the Output settings you can change the size and the quality of your cropped copies, but it is not necessary.

Our second new app is called Compress Image, and as you can guess, it is for compressing your images online. This app is even easier to use then the first one. You only need to do the following: upload your images into the app and click on “Compress Images” to start the compressing process. Just a few clicks and you’ll get your compressed copies!

Compressed images occupy less space in the memory storage, while they look just as good as the regular, non-compressed versions. This might be useful if you want to post your works on social media or if you have a website and you want it to load faster. JPEG is a popular format that can be uploaded anywhere and is recognized by nearly any software.

Both of our new online apps work and process images right in your browser. There is no need for you to download or install anything. Just open the app and get to work. Fast, simple and risk-free. Both of the apps apply all the changes only to copies of your original images. By the end of compressing or cropping process you will need to download a zip-archive with altered copies.

Lastly, you can process only 10 images in one go with the free version. But if you purchase one of our three editions, you can upload and work with a batch of up to 2000 images.