Multi-line Text

Hello! Visual Watermark has got another great update - multi-line text!

The updated version offers the capability to add multi-line textual watermarks to your images. You can align your text left, right or make it center and set the amount of space between words.

In order to create a multi-line text, you need to do the following. Once you import your images into our watermark software, select either “Add Text” or “Add Group”. Click inside the text bar and type in your text. For example, Lenny Bloom. To make this text multi-line we need to write “Lenny”, then press “Enter” to start a new line and type in “Bloom”. If you have already written “Lenny Bloom” in one line, you can click on the space between Lenny and Bloom with your mouse and then press “Enter” to separate these two words. Now you have a multi-line textual watermark! It is possible to create three or more lines, if you want. Once you create a multi-line text, you will be able to align it left, right or make it center with the help of the Alignment buttons. The Line Height adjusts the amount of space between words: you can bring them closer together or further apart.

We have also improved the stability and the speed of importing a big batch of photos.

The update is available for free if you own one of older 4.x versions. The number of your version is shown in the program title. If you see it starting from “4.”, download installer from our website and run it. The updated version will be installed automatically.

Please download updated version from our website here:

Download Visual Watermark

Multi-line text feature is available for Visual Watermark for Video as well. You can download the updated version here:

Download Visual Watermark for Video