Enhanced Watermark Editor In Visual Watermark 4.70

Enhanced Watermark Editor In Visual Watermark 4.70

I’m happy to annouce Visual Watermark 4.70. This version makes it easier to design your own watermark than ever before.

Previous versions of Visual Watermark allowed you to change watermark size and position using “Move” and “Resize” buttons. By clicking and dragging these buttons, you could make the watermark smaller or move it into a different position.

We wanted to make it easier to design watermarks made of several items and provide the capability to specify the same watermark size for all watermark items. Unfortunately, “Resize” button didn’t give us that capability.

We added new “Size” slider to the watermark item settings panel on the right of watermark editior. By dragging it you can change watermark size.

When changing size, the watermark will snap to the nearest anchor element: image corner or neighbour watermark element. After changing watermark size you don’t need to adjust its position anymore.

“Size” slider will automatically snap when you specify a size similar to one of the neighbour watermark elements. Watermark editor will highlight matched watermark elements.

Removing “Resize” button makes it possible to drag the watermark elements by clicking on them. When moving watermark around, Visual Watermark will show anchoring lines that help you to align the watermark to the photo border or to other watermark elements.

To make it easier to specify the same color for all watermark elements, we added “Apply To All” button. It appears next to “Color” and “Font” editors if watermark elements have different color or font.

Built-In Logos

New version of Visual Watermark includes 60 built-in watermark logo examples. You can use them when designing your own watermark. We added icons for photographers, real-estate agents, restaurants, shops and transportation companies.

Visual Watermark will ask if you want to load logo from file or from gallery after you click “Add Logo” button. If you choose to select logo from a gallery, our app will show a whole list of built-in logos.

Built-in logo color can be changed the same way as text watermark element’s color.

We also made it possible to add logo to photo as a watermark by simply dragging it into Visual Watermark’s window.

How To Get New Version

New version is available for free if you own one of older 4.x versions. Program version is shown in the program title. If you see a version number starting from “4.”, download installer from our website and run it. It will update your current copy automatically.

For Windows/PC

For Mac