Manual Watermark Positions In Visual Watermark Version 49

Manual Watermark Positions In Visual Watermark Version 49

Visual Watermark allows you to watermark portrait, landscape and cropped photos in a single batch - it automatically scales the watermark to match photo dimensions. You can now adjust a watermark’s size and position. Want to display the watermark on the left for the first image but on the right for the second image? No problem, you can move the watermark on the Output Settings screen.

Manual watermark positioning is available in the new version 4.49. You can download the new version of the watermark software on our website: download link.

Click the Preview button on the Output Settings screen to see how the watermark looks on all your photos. To adjust the watermark’s size and position, click an item you want to change. This displays adjustment buttons allowing you to resize and move the watermark. Once you’re happy with the results, close the Preview screen and hit the Watermark button to add your watermark to photos and save them on your computer.

Download new version from our website

The upgrade is free for all owners of version 4. If you use version 4.21 or 4.34, you can update to 4.49 for free. Simply download new version from our website here and run the installer.