Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

I’m pleased to announce first 64-bit version of Visual Watermark app for Windows. 32-bit programs on Windows can allocate just about 1.3Gb of memory. By going to 64-bit architecure we removed this limitation. Visual Watermark can as much memory as available in your computer. This means you can watermark bigger images faster: we will load them all into memory and will do more jobs in parallel.

We preserved capability with 32-bit versions of Windows, so if you have older version of Windows, you will still get new updates and features.

French and Polish localizations

We launched Visual Watermark for french- and polish-speaking customers. Our translators from Strasbourg and Warszawa localized both our website and application. If you speak French or Polish, please download new version - it will appear in your language automatically.

Bug-fixes and smaller features

  • 6 new effects;
  • Add image number as a watermark;
  • Improves background removal from logos;
  • Tile feature - Fixes inconsistent spacing between watermark items;
  • Tile feature - Fixes tile for complex watermark templates;
  • Tile feature - Improves auto-size;
  • Windows 10 - Fixes issue with folder selection;
  • Fixes incorrectly scaled images;
  • Fixes loading of 32-bit per pixel images without transparency;
  • Fixes loading older watermark templates;

Download new version from our website

The upgrade is free for all customers. Simply download new version from our website here: Please uninstall older version before installing a new one.

Photo Credit: Bad Apple Photography