Watermark Editor Improvements In Visual Watermark 4.7

We released new version of Visual Watermark app last month. There I promised new app will help us to add features more quickly and here is an update.

In this update we added watermark indicator that shows distance to the closest image border. Using it, you can precisely position your watermark over a photo. For example, in 10 pixels from image sides in the bottom-right corner of it.

It’s really hard to move watermark one pixels left or right using your mouse or trackpad. Now you can do this using your keyboard. Select watermark item you want to move with your mouse. Then use arrow keys on your keyboard to move it around. One press moves watermark one pixel up. If you press and hold an arrow key, the watermark will move with acceleration so you can move it further. Indicator will show watermark position when you press an arrow key.

Please open our download page to get new version of Visual Watermark maker on your computer.

Also, this version contains time watermark macros. This will add photo time stamp on your images.