New Visual Watermark For Windows

New Visual Watermark For Windows

We had two separate apps for about 2 years now. Mac and Windows versions had different interfaces, processing engine and feature set. I’m happy to say we merged two apps into one.

Windows users get new photo processing engine that leverages power of multi-core processors and capable of handling 50,000 photos at once. Also, new version is able to watermark hi-res and CMYK images. If you bought new Nikon D800 camera, weve got you covered.

Mac users get new watermark filters: shadow, glass and gradient from older Windows version. Plus, the capability to export watermark templates to share across your organization.

We made it easier for new customers to jump-in and now it’s much easier to start using it. If you come from older version, we prepared a quick start guide on how to watermark photos for you.

We upgraded all current customers to the new version of our watermark creator. So, simply download new version and use your key to activate it. Hope you’ll enjoy it.



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