What is a Good Photo?

Photography is like the weather. Someone likes rain, while the other is so enthusiastic about heat days. One may like portraits, and his/her friend at the same time loves collages. Can we suppose that everybody will surely like the summer breeze and the blue sky, or can we confirm that a documentary photo will be clearly defined as the best type of pictures?

©Tambako The Jaguar Just a good picture and nothing else
©Tambako The Jaguar Just a good picture and nothing else

A good photo. What does it really mean?

When we evaluate pictures, our feelings are based on subjective factors. However, there still exist certain criteria and parameters to define the image quality.

Here are several standard tips what will probably help to take a very nice picture:

  • Use the principle of thirds when you create a picture. Visually divide the view into 9 equal rectangles with two vertical and two horizontal lines. Then place objects at the intersections of these lines.
  • Adjust the focus correctly and appropriately to the particular moment and lightening.
  • Use flash accurately, especially when you take pictures outside.

In addition to the technical characteristics that help to estimate the image quality, there is also the issue about morals. A good image brings emotional and aesthetic pleasure, inspires for kindness or just makes somebody smile. At the same time it may frighten, disquiet, trouble and provoke the endless range of other feelings as a true piece of art.

And what a successful photo is?

May be you already know this fact or it would be the first time to hear it, but a good photo is not always the same as the successful one is. Why? It is easy as pie, because the concept of success is inextricably linked to such terms as trend, commerce and marketing.

Usually a picture becomes very popular (and therefore commercially successful) because it reflects the most burning and important issues or displays something truly unusual. Most often, it is the result of a lucky coincidence.

Contemporary art is replete with examples of how one accidental picture allowed its author to become successful and rich. In this regard, we may remember the famous story about the unexpected Che Guevara’s portrait or the picture “Bliss” made by Charles O’Rear.

Millions of people see this photo every day
Millions of people see this photo every day

Being on his way along the vineyards in Sonoma County, California, an employee of National Geographic was so impressed the scape he saw. He could not resist the temptation to capture this image. In 2001 Microsoft experts discovered the hidden potential of this photo. They used it for the advertising campaign with the slogan “Yes, you can” and the annual budget of 200 million dollars. As a result, the photo has become the most popular default wallpaper for the Windows desktop.

Like any celebrity, the picture “Bliss” is surrounded by rumors. From time to time, different photography experts begin to argue about the photo originality. Some of them think that Charles O’Rear used editors to proceed the image. However, the author states that there were no manipulations with the famous image at all.

Good or successful? Both!

On the one hand, even the academic knowledge in the sphere of photography, optics and mechanics is not always enough to take a successful photo. In addition, a photographer has to develop a kind of creative flair, to listen to his inner voice and fully trust his instincts. On the other hand, a successful picture is not always a synonym for good one. What should you choose then? Try to join the two characteristics in one picture and create a perfect balance.

Such a compilation of good photography techniques and the creative component will lead to great business results. Professional skills will also allow you to capture an ordinary things but in such a unique way that all advertising companies in the world would wish to buy it for a fabulous sum of money.

But the main thing stays the same. Never forget about the copyright protection. If you do not know how to do this, Visual Watermark will always watermark photos for you.