Where & When to Post Photos

The basic purpose of posting photos on the internet can be very different. One of us wants only to make something like а back up of family pictures, another aims to show personal photos to friends or relatives. And there is another group of people who actively share their photos through the internet. They are photographers who use internet resources as an instrument for finding new customers. So, let’s try to understand, where to post photos on the internet and which site is more suitable for such purposes.

Only storage or sharing?

Where you can post photos if you want to keep them save even in case if your computer brakes? First of all, it is possible to post pictures to social networks such as your personal pages on Facebook, Google+ or different blogs. Here you can post photos for free and without limits (or practically without limits). The main feature is that users can close their albums or limit the number of persons permitted to view their photos. So no one can see your pictures without your permission. Should you make your photos open for everybody or available only for friends? This question is up to you. You can always make a watermark for these pictures.

Such resources like Flickr were created specifically to store and share your photos online. It’s very convenient to organize pictures in thematic sets, tagging or sharing them to different groups. You can also create your own group and follow people whose photos you like. It is possible to start a conversion by the help of comments written under the pictures. Besides this Flickr allows to make your albums public or private. Every picture of this resource is protected from illegal use with the sign “All rights reserved”. But you can change the license anytime and permit its using for some cases.

Flickr.com is one of the most popular sites for people who are in love with photography. But please notice that here exists the storage limit (1TB). If it is necessary to publish more data, you have to pay.

While actively posting text documents, photos, videos or another type of content to social networks you need to keep in mind that your property can appear in pirates’ hands. Do not forget to use watermarks and the copyright sign to protect your content. Visual Watermark software is specially created to help secure photos and make them even more beautiful!

Where to post photos if you are a photographer?

If photography is not just a hobby for you, but the profession, then your main goal should be promotion of photos on the internet. Therefore, you should post them in special subject catalogs of wedding, fashion or any other professional photographers. Such websites allow creating your own page with portfolio, contact numbers, emails and brief information about your features. As a rule, these services enable to post only few photos in a day or even in a week. Users’ pictures also have to pass the moderation. Then other users rate and comment your photos. Depending on acquired ratings, a user gets a particular position at the list of photographers. Being at the top would probably means that you soon will be very famous. When internet searchers open such websites as Flickr in order to find a good photographer they can see not only your pictures but also your rank. Best photographers’ photos occupy the initial positions and of course attract attention first of all. Business is always a competition and your aim here is to reach the top of the list. This can be achieved only by posting good photos, which are highly appreciated by public and professional photographers.

Internet resources for posting photos usually have forums where users can stay in touch with their colleagues, discuss relevant topics, ask questions or share the results of recent photosets to others.