Why You Should Shoot RAW

Why You Should Shoot RAW

You can find a lot of articles online regarding which digital image format should you shoot: RAW or JPEG. I newer shoot JPEG. Here‘s why.

Extended Dynamic Range

You get the most of the possible data from your image sensor in the camera. You can make HDR photos.

Huge Control

You can adjust picture settings after you’ve taken it. These are: white balance, contrast, sharpening, noise reduction, exposure, saturation, levels and much more parameters.

Highest Level of Quality and Lossless Post Processing

Pixel values are more precise and the photo is rendered more accurately. You can make adjustments to your photos yourself. Having made a change to one photo, you can save these settings and apply those to other photos taken in similar conditions. When you make adjustments to a RAW file, you don’t modify the original image. You can resent your adjustments, and start over again.

Advanced Color Correction

12 or 14 bits of image data provides unlimited editing capabilities in working with colors, highlights and shadows.

Multi-Format Converting

You can convert a RAW file to other digital image format: JPEG or TIFF. When exporting a RAW file, you can choose from any color space.