Top 10 Photography on Kickstarter

Top 10 Photography on Kickstarter

KickStarter is a website that allows inventors to promote their projects using images, video presentation and descriptions for everyone to see and generate funding. When a project is fully funded, it is brought to market and begins shipping.

The number of photography-related products is incredibly high, ranging from unique iPhone lens attachments to versatile camera stabilizers and more! Here are our top 10 favorite KickStarter photography projects (continued).

Projects 1-5 are available in the previous part here.

6. CineMoco ● Motor Control for your Camera by Cinetics

CineMoco is a small motor-controlled dolly and slider developed by Cinetics that allows you to take great videos and time-spanning images. The idea is simple: you place the camera on the dolly, set the motor to move it slowly past the scene and either take multiple shots, or one continuous video.

You can also use the CineMoco along with the CineSkates to capture cool panning images using the motorized dolly. The software that controls CineMoco is open-source and Cinetics invites photographers and videographers to write their own scripts for the dolly and create a library of pre-programmed movement shots.

Take a look at the presentation video and also visit their website and KickStarter page for more exciting information.

7. Bird Photo Booth – Experience nature like never before by Bryson Lovett

Created by bird photo enthusiast Bryson Lovett and inspired by the Polaroid Land Camera from the 1950s, the Bird Photo Booth is an innovative bird feeder that allows you to observe birds like never before.

You can easily setup the booth by putting your iPhone, iPod Touch or GoPro camera inside and then walk away from the booth and watch a live stream on an iPhone, iPad, or other device using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Photographs can be snapped remotely by connecting your iPhone to an iPad that runs a remote camera app. When you want to snap a picture of a bird that you like, simply press the button on the app and you’re done!

Here you can watch a video presentation and make sure to check their KickStarter page and website for more details. Another video presentation is available here.

8. EZ-Steady- iPhone, DSLR, GoPro Camera Stabilizer by Kyle Hart

Created by inventor Kyle Hart, the EZ-Steady Camera Stabilizer is a small but clever DSRL stabilization system that helps you create professional videos using the camera that smoothly runs around the scene.

The concept is simple – the hand-held device eliminates camera shake and gives your videos a sense of flying. Typically, when you move with the camera in your hand you are sending some of the body’s vibrations on to the camera. This stabilizing system detaches the camera from your using a gimbal.

The camera remains vertical at all times by having attached a set of weights around the frame of the stabilizer that creates balance for the camera. Once the camera is stabilized you can freely walk or even run around taking it by the handle – the camera remains fixed on the gimbal, unable to capture your body’s movement or shaking.

Check out the presentation video and also visit their website and KickStarter page for more interesting facts.

9. Astro: Time-Lapse + Motion Control by Oscar Ramírez

Created by Oscar Ramírez, the Astro Time Lapse Motion Controller allows you to add a little more creativity to your images and videos by creating great time-lapsed panning.

The Astro will be placed under your camera and allow you to control both the duration and range of movement from 0 to 360 degrees. Astro is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Minolta and just about any camera with a remote input.

Astro connects to your camera using a cable and runs on 2 AA batteries. Go watch the video presentation and also check out their KickStarter page for more cool details.

10. Lens/Focus Shifter – Lens Mounted Follow Focus by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing

The Lens/Focus Shifter has been developed by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing and its purpose is to improve manual focus when taking photographs. The arrow on the Shifter ensures smooth transition between focus points.

The Shifter and Focus Marker Board attach easily to any lens with diameter between 56mm – 98mm. Attach the Shifter by sliding it onto the lens focus ring and hold it in place by tightening the ball end. The Focus Marker attaches to the lens with a rubber band and has elastic feet to stop it from slipping.

Here you can watch a video presentation and also visit their KickStarter page and website for more details.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of great ideas out there and with some help from you and other photography enthusiasts, some of these will come to life. What projects would you be most interested in to purchase for your photo and video productions? Go over to KickStarter and back the projects that you liked most!