Why Visual Watermark

Easy to install and use in spite of wide functionality. The user interface of Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software is very intuitive, which lets you quickly start working with it. Also, we supply an animated photo watermarking tutorial to show you how easy it is to place a visible watermark. It will explain every exciting feature of Visual Watermark – Photo Watermarking Software so you will be ready to start working in 5 minutes!

Strong visible watermarks. Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software places very strong visible watermarks on your photos. It embeds a watermark directly into the photo as if it were there originally. Have you ever tried to remove some parts of a photo? You should know how difficult it is to do it. It is nearly impossible to remove a good watermark. Once a watermark is embedded in the photo, it stays there forever!

Advanced watermark placement. Specify the position of your watermark easily with a lot of options. You can control the watermark placement precisely even with photos of different sizes! No matter what they are: they can be landscape or portrait.

Rich watermarks. Watermark photos with logotypes, graphics and text. With layer editing tools, you have absolutely no limits in creating, editing and saving visible watermarks!

Noisy watermarks. [Unique feature] We recommend that you watermark photos with high-detailed or noisy watermarks. It makes watermarks much stronger and the protection safer. Visual Watermark software can add noise to low-detailed watermarks to make original photo recovery more difficult!

Command line parameters.* With command line parameters you can:

  • Watermark lots of photos at once, even if they’re located on different hard disks.
  • Search files in folders and subfolders.
  • Run Visual Watermark software from a script or a program.
  • Automatically close the program when photo watermarking is finished.
  • Control photo watermarking parameters.

Clear text. Forget about hatched edges, Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software uses our special technology called “Smooth it” and renders text sharply and clearly!

Wide range of graphic formats supported. You can protect your photos with no worries about the file format they are saved in. Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP – every popular graphic file format!

JPEG Properties (EXIF) Support. Write your name, email address or photo description over all your photos with Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software. Also, you will never lose existing EXIF during the watermarking process – Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software will take care about it.

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