Visual Watermark Blog (English)

Protection Against Automated Watermark Removal

AI makes possible stunning visual effects. For example, using Messenger app you can add yourself cat’s ears or mustache. Unfortunately, AI-algorithms also makes it easier to remove someone’s watermark from their photos. Google offered an algorithm doing exactly that. Figuring out what’s your watermark and wiping it out of your photos.

Manual watermark positions in version 49

Visual Watermark allows you to watermark portrait, landscape and cropped photos in a single batch - it automatically scales the watermark to match photo dimensions. You can now adjust a watermark’s size and position. Want to display the watermark on the left for the first image but on the right for the second image? No problem, you can move the watermark on the Output Settings screen.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

I’m pleased to announce first 64-bit version of Visual Watermark for Windows. 32-bit programs on Windows can allocate just about 1.3Gb of memory. By going to 64-bit architecure we removed this limitation. Visual Watermark can as much memory as available in your computer. This means you can watermark bigger images faster: we will load them all into memory and will do more jobs in parallel.