Top 10 Ideas for LinkedIn Background Photo - Visual Watermark

Now everyone knows about LinkedIn – the social network for professionals. This resource was launched in 2003. Today, LinkedIn is a major platform for recruiters, job seekers, and employers. The site’s users live in 200+ countries around all over the world. So, there is every chance to establish business ties or develop industry contacts with employers from different parts of the world. LinkedIn is everyone’s chance to get a dream job, expand connections.

Note that every day 40+ users interact with LinkedIn to find a job or employees for a company. To achieve the goal people are working on promoting their corporate page/personal portfolio.

Many users miss such important element as LinkedIn Background Photo when filling out a profile. Therefore, we decided to devote an article to this topic. You will learn about the advantages of a banner for your page, as well as ideas for creating a profile background.

What Is Image Optimization. Why It`s Important To Optimize Images For Web

The human brain processes a lot of images 60 thousand times faster than text. It is so arranged that we perceive visual content better. This is confirmed by road signs, which are presented in the form of an image, not text. So, people can understand the information while driving by car. Therefore, it`s very important to think not only about the text content but also about the visual part of it when developing your website on the Internet.

Let’s turn to statistics. About 80% of users remember what they saw. And according to publishers, traffic grows 12 times faster when using visual content. This is the confirmation of why you need to think about the visual component of your site.

To make the site more attractive and look professional, you should use infographics, photos, and various thematic images. If you are the owner of a brand, then the best way to talk about your activities is to show it. After all, each of you will confirm that no one wants to buy a “pig in a poke”. Even the most beautiful description is not able to convince you to make a purchase. Only when a person sees what is described looks like, so he makes a decision. And most often it goes in your favor.

But here everything depends on the quality of the visual content. This is what we`ll talk about in the article. How to optimize images for the web.

How to Watermark Photos on Android in 2022

The main purpose of watermarks – and the reason why they were invented in the first place – is theft prevention. Stealing an image has never been easier, less time-consuming, and practically devoid of any effort as it is today. In most cases, you don’t even need a special app to get a piece of visual content that somebody else has created and pass it as your own.

To avoid this, stock photography companies publish low-resolution photos, completely covered with repeated watermarks that are nearly impossible to remove. People have no other choice, but to buy a license, so they could download original images that they liked. Artists use a similar, yet subtler way of protecting their works: they sign one of the corners of their paintings. As you can see, adding your name or logo to your photos can be of great help, if you want to establish your copyright.


Watermarks can prevent your images from being stolen as well as promote your brand.

How To Watermark Your Instagram Photos in 2022

Photography is a way to tell a story that cannot be expressed in words. Thanks to the social network for sharing photos and videos on Instagram, each of us can take photos and other content to express our interests, attract attention and develop business.

Every month Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people. This is a huge audience that can evaluate your creativity in real-time. Through posting the different photos, you can find new acquaintances and even real friends; turn your hobby into your actual profession, and become a partner of global brands.

Previously, to share your art, you had to work very and very hard and put in several difficult attempts. Today it’s enough to take a smartphone, go to social networks Instagram and publish your product of intellectual labor on the Internet. But any publication that gets online through your Instagram account automatically becomes a trick for scammers. Irresponsible people take and steal the works of others creators and pass them off as their own. It is very disappointing. Because you can spend much time creating content, and someone will just ruthlessly steal it.

Watermark Instagram will allow you to protect your copyrights and advertise your brand simultaneously. Our article will be devoted to this topic.

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