Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

I’m pleased to announce first 64-bit version of Visual Watermark for Windows. 32-bit programs on Windows can allocate just about 1.3Gb of memory. By going to 64-bit architecure we removed this limitation. Visual Watermark can as much memory as available in your computer. This means you can watermark bigger images faster: we will load them all into memory and will do more jobs in parallel.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to enhance sky in lightrooom

One of the most commonly asked questions in regards to post-production of professional photography is how to enhance a blue sky without getting an unrealistic result. First of all, we need to decide on a software, since tools for performing the task will differ depending if we are working in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Faster watermarking with Visual Watermark 4.30

It’s time for the first release after summer holidays. We revised our processing engine by optimizing operation flow, memory utilization and algorithms that we use. What we got is 2-3 times faster performance of Plus and Premium editions. If you have Basic edition, you will get a performance boost too but a smaller one. In our test with twenty four 36Mpix images taken with Nikon D800, Visual Watermark 4.30 Basic watermarked photos 13% faster than older version 4.27. Plus edition was about twice faster than older version.

Watermarking property images - new in Visual Watermark 4.21

Say, you’re a realtor and just starting to watermark your images. There is a big chance, you have hundreds of properties that have individual folders with numerous photos that you want to watermark. Watermarking each folder individually is obviously going to be time consuming, therefore we added a new feature to keep each folder separate.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Adobe lightroom for ipad review

If you ask professional photographers which photo editing product they use, many will tell you that the tool they love and use daily is Adobe Lightroom. You would probably ask why? Because Lightroom is built and optimized for photographers. It offers a powerful and feature complete set of image post processing, managing and organizing tools, with simple and non-destructive workflow.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Get your business found online

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Google it,”? Today, 83% of consumers in today’s society turn to internet search engines to seek answers, whether they are looking for a job, service, reviews or information. The Internet evolves and Google search-driven market intensively increases year-over-year. Your business website, nowadays, is the best and most acceptable source of information about your brand and services.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Blogging for success

Every one of the best opportunities I have had over the last three years, including my book, have come as a result of conversations that were initiated on, or because of, my blog. Without exception. I have booked lectures, workshops, and writing assignments solely from this blog.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Register your copyright in USA

Copyright registration is optional. Once you’ve made a shoot, you own the photograph. The copyright is instantly yours for a minimum of 25 years*. Someone can use your photographs as long as they credit you. If in fact someone were to abuse your photograph or artwork, you should prove somehow that it is yours. The legal copyright registration provides you an additional in-depth protection on all levels.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Fine-Tune Your Property Listings with Realistic HDR Photographs

Most home buyers begin a home search online, so good photos are essential. Buyers rank photography as the most important tool in searching for a home online. Listings without a photo or with only an exterior shot are often ignored. Outstanding and realistic property photography is an excellent way for you to showcase your professional skills. It also gives you an impressive portfolio with which to attract new clients. Add stunningly realistic high dynamic range photographs to your listings so they can show better and sell faster.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Taking pictures in the dark

Have you ever dreamt about a unique ability to fix all the pictures that you see in the way they really are? Of course, camera is a great tool to capture life moments and safe them in the forms of computer files or glossy printed photos. But what about those tremendously sad situations when objects of your photoshooting sink in the deep darkness? Are there any ways out or flotation rings to rescue your model from the dark? Yes, they exist, be sure of this. And we’ll tell you even more – they are rather numerous. Let’s just find them out.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Nuances of pet photography

Well, everybody knows the win-win step towards the enormous popularity in the Internet. Of course, it’s about animals and especially supercute kittens and puppies. It seems that even the angriest man in the world couldn’t resist the fascination of a little ball of fur. Nevertheless, don’t you realize it is high time to shift your skills from the point of an ordinary pet’s owner to a professional photographer who takes really good pets’ pictures? If so, our article is dedicated to you.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to photograph children & newborn: tips for success

Newborn & baby photography is very popular for a rather apparent reason. Every mother and father at some point wishes to capture those fleeting moments when their baby is still so incredibly little and defenseless. We all know how quickly children grow up. The chance to save the precious memories is to take professional photos of your baby.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Book review: “The Photographer’s Guide to Content Marketing”

This guide is composed by Pat DePuy, a photographer and a content marketing expert working for Prime Social Marketing organization that offers content marketing and social mediamarketing services to different businesses, in particular to entrepreneurial photographer. DePuy writes a lot of articles for their blog and publishes great high-quality content concerning a wide range of topics. Pat also manages Prime’s social media channels.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

5 Real Estate Photography Tips to Catch a Buyer's Eye

Selling your property online is a competition and there’s a lot of noise for potential buyers to get through. Taking better photos isn’t the only way you can improve visibility, but your potential customers will want to see the product. A picture really is worth a thousand words. The more high-quality images you can make the better. It’s especially important because so many people rely on the Internet for first impressions.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to become a Google Recommended Photographer? And should you do this?

The main goal of all businessmen is to attract as much customers as possible. Owners of restaurants, cafes, fitness clubs and shops search for clientele through the endless space of internet. On the other hand, prospective clients also look for them here. Google with its new program helps to connect these parts together and create an effective collaboration between them. Today we’ll learn more about this service and see how both novice and experienced photographers could benefit from it.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

7 reasons why photographers need content marketing

There were few ways of promotion for a photographer whose career evolved during the first decades after the advent of Internet (and, consequently, the development of social networks). All types of marketing and advertising used to be quite aggressive back then. Nowadays you no longer have to scare your potential clients away by popups and bulk email; quite recently the Internet has witnessed the advent of a promotional tool which is called content marketing. By the way, it is still relatively new for the Runet.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

Troubleshooting guide on content marketing

Your blog or personal website contains rather valuable information, but the circle of your devoted fans that consists of few people has not expanded since a long time. Traditional marketing tools do not work and you’ve finally realized that you need something principally different. Content marketing was recommended to you as a modern way to deal with your site. But in fact it turned out to be rather complex science with lots of nuances applied.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to get links to your blog and make it cite?

Isn’t it great when some expert cites your blog? This one link can give you hundreds of leads! The process of getting links to your website is called link building and is actually a crucial part of increasing your blog’s rank, no matter what your occupation is. Developing your link building strategy should be the next step after you’ve managed to make your own site.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

How to create a novice wedding photographer blog: guide for action

For any photographer, especially a wedding one, blog is, first of all, a way to attract new clients. Keeping a blog at such popular web-resources as,, etc. allows you not only to post your own creations, but also to follow works of your colleagues & acclaimed photography masters through the Friends Page. There you can also join subject communities.

Version 34 Adds Support for 64-bit Windows

10 masters of nude photography of the twentieth century

The naked human body has been drawing artists’ attention from time immemorial. Artistic nudes were often usually allusions to goddesses and nymphs. The advent of photography triggered a new wave of nudity art cult. Beauty criteria and moral principles vary in different periods of time, so many images of this genre understandably raised controversy.

Introducing yourself to customers to make a sale

The world has never witnessed a genius who received the immediate recognition from the public without doing anything about it. This is true for any professional photographer as well. No matter how gifted you are your talent may go unnoticed unless you take certain steps to advertise your work.

Why photographers need personal websites?

Once you become a professional photographer you might feel obliged to promote your work at a more advanced level, rather than simply upload your photos to Facebook or Flickr. That’s when your own website could come in handy. A website is a “must have” tool since this is the bedrock of all your marketing efforts. A photographer’s site may in the near future become the only appropriate way to present your portfolio to your potential customers.

How to become a famous photographer

Photographers nowadays seem to be everywhere. Digital technology made it possible virtually for everyone. Levels of competition in this field are constantly rising. Taking photos has become simpler than ever. But only technically. Creativity, artistic taste and talent are still an essential part of becoming a success as a photographer.

Good and successful picture: are those words synonyms?

Photography is like the weather. Someone likes rain, while the other is so enthusiastic about heat days. One may like portraits, and his/her friend at the same time loves collages. Can we suppose that everybody will surely like the summer breeze and the blue sky, or can we confirm that a documentary photo will be clearly defined as the best type of pictures?

How to become a good wedding photographer?

First of all, you should exactly define what goals you are pursuing, when you decide to become a wedding photographer, and who a good wedding photographer really is. The fact is that even if you reach great heights in this area, it won’t guarantee that you will begin earning much money, will become very famous, or have a lot of customers. Experience shows that sometimes wedding photographers, who can hardly be called good ones, earn much money. While some other brilliant photographers get nothing for their job and work just for practice. The following article is designed especially for those who are crazy in love with photography and plan to become good wedding photographers not only for money or for popularity.

The story of one picture or How to become a famous photographer

The history of photography as well as of any other kind of arts was witness to total failures and great masterpieces. As a rule, the majority of bad images immediately fade into oblivion just after their appearance. While outstanding works practically always make a profound impact not only on arts, but also on the whole mankind.

Your content is stolen: what should you do?

If you often post content on websites and social networks and share pictures with followers, and your content has never been stolen, you probably live in a fairytale. The real life is much more cruel. If your content is more or less valuable, useful or actual, be sure it will likely appear on other users’ websites.

Where you can and should post photos?

The basic purpose of posting photos on the internet can be very different. One of us wants only to make something like а back up of family pictures, another aims to show personal photos to friends or relatives. And there is another group of people who actively share their photos through the internet. They are photographers who use internet resources as an instrument for finding new customers. So, let’s try to understand, where to post photos on the internet and which site is more suitable for such purposes.

Ways of copyright protection on your website

The internet enables brands and individuals to easily distribute any content. Companies and entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity for marketing purposes in order to attract attention of potential customers with useful and informative articles, vivid pictures, videos or other content forms.

Everything you need to know about DMCA

Active development of electronic technology and the internet has simplified life of information pirates and plagiaries. Today everybody can easily copy, duplicate and distribute other people’s intellectual products. In order to control this situation in 1996 the World Intellectual Property Organization developed the WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) as well as the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT). These documents formed the basis for international laws protecting copyright and regulating relationship between rights holders, intermediaries and consumers of intellectual products.

What does copyright mean?

Writers, artists, musicians, photographers and other people who are engaged in creative professions get paid for the use of their works. Unfortunately, in real life this statement is not always true. We’ll say more, in the modern internet era creators of different intellectual products such as artists, photographers or software developers often get nothing for copying and usage of their works. Therefore, let us correct the first sentence and say that people of art MUST get paid. Copyright provides such a liability for users of borrowed content.

Where Are Your Photos Used?

Alas, nowadays it’s hard to protect your artwork from unauthorized use. In this respect, the Web is especially inhospitable towards photographers. You are probably aware of some outrageous photo-thefts discussed in the media. If you are a professional or amateur photographer, make sure that your photos are duly protected from illegal use. If you suspect that they are used illegally somewhere, you can check your suspicions. Just use one of the following services.

How To Rename Photos After Watermarking

Rename Images feature allows you to “prettify” your filenames and make them meaningful. This is very useful if you’re going to send them to your customers or doubt you’ll easily find a photo between IMG_XXXX.jpg and DSCXXXX.jpg files.

How To Sequentially Number Images

When sending images to your customers, it’s very important to make ordering as easy as possible. The biggest problem is to remember all filenames they want to order. A combination of IMG or DSC with a random number isn’t somewhat easy to remember for you and your customer.

How to Watermark Photos in Picasa

This article continues the series on watermarking your digital multimedia content. If you are using or planning to use Picasa to organize, view, edit and share digital photos, read this article for information on how to use this software for copyright protection of your digital images in batch mode.

Batch Watermarking Photos in Lightroom 4

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool the majority of professional and amateur photographers use to organize, edit and manipulate their digital content. In this article, you’ll learn how to add the watermark to your photos in a batch using Adobe Lightroom.

Where’s The Rest Of My Shot?

Have you ever printed a digital image and you just knew something was missing? Like you captured the entire scene, but somehow the shot seems cropped? Well, you’re not alone. And this happened because of the difference in aspect ratio between your camera and the print.

Overview of Slideshow Software

Whether you need slideshow presentations at work, to create a cool wedding album or document your family trips, creating professional slideshows has never been easier. Even if you are not much of a technical person, you can still create beautiful slideshows with the right program.

Creating Panoramas

If you’re like most people, you’ve already discovered the Panorama mode or function on your camera. You’ve probably tried it a few times, didn’t really know what to expect and gave up. While not all cameras have a distinct single-shot panoramic setting, you can still create your own panoramas following some very simple steps.

Your Photography Business Money Isn’t Your Money

Today, I wanted to speak about personal finances of a self-employed person – photographers, artists and freelancers in general. I started Visual Watermark as a part-time project while working with my ex-employer DevExpress Inc. It was fun and easy side-project since it yields small but steady revenue and didn’t require too much effort to support it. This year I left my day job to fully concentrate on my side-project.

What is a Watermark

Watermark is a mark or lettering over the photo showing its owner: a photographer or a website. Here are a couple of watermark samples:

How to Watermark Photos in Aperture Library

Aperture is photo management software for Mac that allows you to store and refine high volumes of photos. All images are stored in a special folder called library. This means when importing photos from a camera memory card Aperture copies them into an internal storage (“library”). You can easily erase your memory card while Aperture will store original photos for you on your hard disc.

How to Type a Trademark ™ Symbol

These are standard methods to add a trademark symbol to any program on your computer. They are built-in into your operating system and available in every program you have: Word, Picasa, Visual Watermark and all others.

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

International law protects your copyright but the law also requires a clear evidence of your authority and can do nothing with people who don’t understand copyright. You will have to prove your authority in a court before you can make a claim. If you fail to proof your copyright ownership, you won’t be able to get pay for a stolen work and will have to pay court dues. Ensuring the best copyright protection for your work relies on 4 factors:

Copyright Symbol – How To Type It

These are standard methods to add a copyright symbol to any program on your computer. They are built-in into your operating system and available to any program: Word, Picasa, Visual Watermark and all others.

Sending Us a Console Log

If you are having problems with Visual Watermark for Mac – we may ask you to send us a “Console Log” so that we can see what the problem is. Here are the steps for doing that if you are using a Mac.

Mac – Beta is Here!

I’m sorry for not writing for so long, but we wanted to release ASAP and had no time for the newsletter. But… We’re ready to show you the first version of the program!

First Mac Screenshot

I’m very proud to show you the very first screenshot of Visual Watermark working on my Mac. It’s just a baby, not a real program, but it already runs and shows selected pictures. Here is it (click to enlarge):

Photoshop vs Visual Watermark

Here I watermark a series of images using Photoshop and then using Visual Watermark – a specialized watermarking software. The latter works better for watermarking, but Photoshop has so many features… and it is a single program that can do everything.

Why Visual Watermark

Easy to install and use in spite of wide functionality. The user interface of Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software is very intuitive, which lets you quickly start working with it. Also, we supply an animated photo watermarking tutorial to show you how easy it is to place a visible watermark. It will explain every exciting feature of Visual Watermark – Photo Watermarking Software so you will be ready to start working in 5 minutes!