Ivan Nikitin

Ivan Nikitin

Hi! I am Ivan - a software developer who loves music and is interested in acoustics.

I’m lazy to do routine work every day, so I figure out how to optimize it. It pisses me off when application runs slow, so I look for why and correct it. I always say “Yes!” when someone asks me if i can do it. Then I go looking for a solution on StackOverflow ;)

I make frontend, backend, desktop and mobile applications. I choose boring and 1000-times proven technologies, because at the end of the day I have to have a working code. My bread is Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, some C ++ and Swift.

Music is my passion. I like lively playing and the excitement it gives. I like when there is an impression of musicians in the room. It’s not easy to achieve, but when it works out, it’s a dream.

I’ve had several different speaker sets and I’ve always wondered why it sounds better or worse. It quickly turned out that it is our own projects that give the opportunity to check what works and what does not, and give room for experimentation.

Should you want to discuss something, drop me a line to helpme@visualwatermark.com, please.