Ivan Nikitin

Ivan Nikitin

Hi! My name’s Ivan. I am a software developer and creator of Visual Watermark, who also loves music and takes an interest in acoustics.

I tend to look for ways to optimize routine work because I dislike doing one and the same thing every day. Slow-running applications frustrate me, especially when my own creations start lagging, so I always try to figure out what causes the issue and then solve it. If someone asks whether I am capable of tackling a programming task, my answer is always “Yes”; no matter how challenging it is. That’s because I know that if I don’t have the answer, I can always scour through StackOverflow to find it. ;)

I’ve created both desktop and mobile applications, and work with such program languages as TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Swift as well as some C++. I prefer using tried-and-true, 100%-proven methods and technologies because it is better to have a code that works instead of an innovative, but faulty one.

Aside from coding and programming, I am extremely passionate about music. I don’t go to concerts very often, but it brings me great joy and excitement when I can make recorded music sound as if musicians are performing live in my living room. Naturally, it is rather challenging to achieve. But every time I manage to do that, it feels incredible.

Over the years, I’ve owned various speaker systems and noticed that some of them were better than others, which made me wonder why; what were the differences between them? Led by my curiosity, I dived deeper into the topic of acoustics and learned more about audio equipment. Soon, my desire to find the perfect sound turned into a personal project: I started putting together speaker systems myself. I really enjoy this hobby because it offers some room for experimentation and caters to my eagerness to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If you’d like to discuss something, don’t hesitate to contact me via helpme@visualwatermark.com, please.