Add Watermark to 100 Photos in Just 1 Minute

Visual Watermark software gives you all you need to watermark photos. It offers batch watermark mode to add watermark to all your photos at once. Many watermark templates and appearance options help you get the watermark look you want. Rename and resize features make publishing images much easier. The watermark software is the perfect way to copyright your photos, yet easy enough to start using it immediately. Runs on Windows and Mac.

Hi-Performance Batch Photo Watermarking

Watermarking 50,000 photos is a no-problem with Visual Watermark app.

  1. We designed both import and export modules to be quick and responsive under high load. Visual Watermark software uses up to 4 processor cores to add watermark as quickly as your computer allows;
  2. Visual Watermark is a desktop software and thus imports and watermarks photos really quickly. It loads them directly from your hard disc, not over the internet;
  3. Auto-resize tool solves inconsistencies with cropped and full-sized photos in the same batch. Watermark photos quickly all at once.
Monica Hansen

I evaluated 4 different programs and we liked yours the best because of the interface, the multiple options for styling, and of course the results are great. Your interface is hands-down the most visually wonderful I used to watermark photos. And to a visual person like a photographer, what could possibly appeal more than a beautiful interface? ;-)

Add Fully Customizable Watermarks

Watermark photos with the watermark you want. Use logo and text in any combination. Fill images with watermark for strong protection, or add glass-like watermark for unobtrusive protection. Choose one of 260 fonts, 66 effects and 100 transparency levels to add unique watermark to your photos.

Dave Pickford

I am now running all my programs on MAC, I used Photowatermark Pro on my PC for years but now want to get rid of my PC and keep everything with MAC. I looked at all the watermark programs and yours was the best for my needs. I am a professional sports photographer and sell my pictures on-line and need to have photos watermarked for obvious reasons.

Automatic and Manual Watermark Position

Add watermark to portrait, landscape and cropped photos in a single batch. Just add all the photos you want to watermark into the program. Visual Watermark automatically adjusts the watermark's size and position to make the watermark look good on every photo you have. You can also adjust the watermark’s size and position if you don't like automatic setting. Want to add watermark on the left for the first photo but on the right for the second one? No problem, you can move the watermark on the Output Settings screen. Don't group your images into folders, watermark photos all at once.

Automatic Watermark Position and Size

Manual Watermark Position and Size

12 Built-in Watermark Templates

Start watermarking photos from choosing a watermark template. Replace logo and name with yours after that. Change size, position and opacity up to your taste. Click Watermark button to add watermark to your photos when you're happy with results. Just a minute for the whole process. Wow!

Complete Feature List

Supported formats

Visual Watermark supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP photo formats. Visual Watermark software supports RGB, CMYK 8bit and color managed photos. Watermarked photos are always RGB. Auto-rotates images based on EXIF tag. Preserves EXIF and IPTC information in JPEG files. Supports 100% JPEG quality when saving images. Doesn’t use chroma sub-sampling when saving to JPEG format to preserve best possible colors.

Text watermarks

Add watermark with your name, company and brand. Allows to use all installed fonts in your system. Ships with up to 260 font families (depends on edition). Supports normal, italic, bold and bold italic font styles. Visual Watermark software allows to change watermark size and position using visual drag-n-drop editor.

Logo watermarks

Add watermark with your company logo. Replace template logo with your own on the personalize screen. Supported logo formats are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Removes background from logos files.

Watermarking batches of photos

Visual Watermark app is able to add watermark to a group of photos at once. Select photos and folders for watermarking and the watermark app will watermark photos at once. Visual Watermark uses up to 4 processor cores for better performance.

Scales watermark up and down automatically

Visual Watermark supports full-res and cropped images in the same batch. Auto-Size feature changes watermark size for smaller and bigger images. You can turn it on in the Output Settings screen.

Copyright metadata

Visual Watermark software adds copyright into photo metadata. This attaches contact details to photos while keeping the watermark small. Customers can read the copyright record from a downloaded photo with Preview app on Mac, or File Details screen on Windows.

Resizes photos

Resizes photos after adding a watermark. Use it to produce low-res watermarked images for publishing online. We don’t recommend publishing full resolution photos online.

Renames photos

Gives different filenames to watermarked files. Use it to give meaningful names to files ready for sending to a client. Visual Watermark software can replace “DSC03682.JPG” with prettier “Jim and Sophie 1.jpg” filename.

Integrates with Photos and iPhoto apps on Mac

Visual Watermark for Mac accepts dragging files from iPhoto. Select and drag images you want to watermark into the Visual Watermark window. Our watermark software will add a watermark on them and save into a folder of your choice.

Watermark effects

Visual Watermark comes with 66 effects combinations. All of them respect transparency, tile and rotation settings. You can apply effects to both logos and text watermarks.

Shadow & background

Use shadow and background effects to make the watermark look good on both dark and light in the same batch. A semi-transparent background or shadow adds necessary contrast around the watermark.

Watermark transparency

Visual Watermark supports 100 levels of transparency: from opaque to completely transparent. Use this feature to make your watermark less obtrusive at expense of some durability. Check our guide that will help you to find the right combination of transparency and protection.

Fill mode

Tile feature repeats the watermark on your photos until they’re completely filled with it. Enable this feature on the Personalize Screen. Tile Span option controls space between watermark repetitions.

Vertical and rotated watermarks

Adds rotated watermark. Sometimes watermarks are less unobtrusive if aligned along the left or right side of the photos. Rotation angles less than 90 degrees makes repeated watermarks better looking.

Supported hardware

Visual Watermark runs on all computers with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. MacBooks and iMacs with Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or newer are also supported. Visual Watermark app supports High Dpi (Retina) displays both on Windows and Mac. One Visual Watermark license allows to install it on both Windows and Mac limited by number of computers in the license.