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Watermark Photos Quickly

Watermark tons of photos easily

Visual Watermark automates photo watermarking routine. Select photos you want to put a watermark on and the app will do the rest. You will even have to configure your watermark just once. Visual Watermark will remember it and use for all further images you may have.

Big photo sets contain images of different size and proportions. Visual Watermark automatically adjusts watermark size and location for every photo. Your watermark will always look nicely placed on all photos you have.


Personalized Watermarks

We believe you and your business are unique. That’s why we built one of the most comprehensive watermark editors on the market. All you do is absolutely visual. Most actions are done by dragging watermark items around photos. Every change you make to your photo watermark is immediately represented.

Select one of 12 predefined watermark layouts (Mac) or build yours from scratch (PC). Apply visual effects to your watermarks: shadow, glass, glow, fills or combine them in every possible way. Visual Watermark for Mac comes with 270 fonts and you can add yours as well. Use your own logos and trademarks. Everything is possible.


Cares about your photos

Visual Watermark loves your photos and seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

  • Supports pro-grade photos. Easily loads 36Mpix images from Nikon and Canon cameras.
  • Imports photos directly from iPhoto (Mac-only). Lightroom, Aperture and Picasa are coming soon.
  • Optimizes color-managed and CMYK photos for better display online. Supports all browsers including older ones.
  • After you watermark photos, you can publish them on Flickr, Facebook or Google Plus right from Visual Watermark (coming soon!)



Visual Watermark works on both Mac and Windows/PC. You can watermark photos everywhere! Both versions feature batch photo watermarking, fully customizable watermark layouts and rich watermark editor.

Customers Say

  • Visual Watermark and service was just what we needed. It provided us with the photo watermark software we needed and the options to do it creatively and professionally.

    Bill Shacklett, Shacklett’s Photography
  • Yes I'm most happy with the Visual Watermark - when I ordered it I had a deadline to put more than 300 photos onto CD with my photo watermark and with resized versions! I can't tell you much time it saved being able to batch process the folders and have them watermark, resize, and set a different destination for the outputs.

    Lutfi Hady
  • My company does event photography; mostly youth sports, and needed a tool to watermark the photos in a batch quickly and easily for quick posting on our website. Visual Watermark fills that requirement and does it without a lot of extra steps that trying to do this in photoshop would have required. Thanks for developing a software that the professional Photog can trust to do what its advertised to do!

    Darrell Brooks, Sonic Shutter Photography