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Compatible with Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Maverick.

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Quick Start Guide

While the program downloads, get familiar with the app.

Step 1. Select Photos to Add Watermarks

The first screen prompts you to select photos to be watermarked. You can do this in two ways:

  • The first way is to select one or several photo files and drag&drop them into the Visual Watermark window. Note that you can drag&drop not only files but also entire folders into the Visual Watermark window.
  • Another way is to click the Select Pictures button, which invokes the Select pictures and folders dialog. In this dialog, you can choose either certain files or the entire folder and click Open.

After photos are added, their preview thumbnails are loaded into the Visual Watermark. If you, for some reason, wish to add other photos, click the Clear button.

When you selected all photos for watermarking, click the Select Watermark button to proceed with adding a watermark.

Step 2. Select a Watermark Template

On the next screen you can see the list of available watermark templates. This list displays watermarks containing a text, a logo, or both – combined in different ways.

Scroll through the list and choose the most appropriate template. Note that if you are not satisfied with any of existing templates, try to find the template, which is most suitable for you – later you’ll be able to adjust its appearance as you wish.

Choose the required watermark template and click Edit Watermark to proceed with adding a watermark.

Step 3. Customize Watermark Appearance

On this page you can select either the entire watermark or its specific elements – texts and images.

For the entire watermark, you can change the following options:

  • Transparency. Specifies the opacity/transparency for the watermark.
  • Rotation. Specifies the rotation angle for the watermark.
  • Auto-scale. Enable this option if you have photos of a different size and different orientation (landscape/portrait) and want a watermark to be auto-adjusted for each photo to best fit its size.

Next you can select each watermark element in particular and change settings that are specific to it.

For example, if you select watermark text, you’ll be able to type your own text, or you can move or resize it using the yellow and green arrow buttons. In addition, the following options are available for the watermark text:

  • Text. Here you can input your watermark text (for example, your name, logo or website url) and add some special characters (e.g. ©, ™)
  • Font. Specifies the font name and formatting settings for the watermark text. If you can’t find the desired font among all available font faces, note that you can manually add any font to Visual Watermark.
  • Color. Specifies the text color. You can select any color on a color wheel and immediately see its preview on a watermark.

If you select a watermark logo, you’ll be able to move or resize it using the yellow and green arrow buttons. In addition, the following options are available for it:

  • Change Logo. Click this button to load a new image for the logo.
  • Remove Background. Automatically erases the background color from your logo.

After you finish customizing the watermark and its elements, click the Output Settings button to proceed with adding a watermark to your photos.

Step 4. Specify Output Settings

On this page you can specify the following options:

  • Output Folder. To change the output folder, click Change and select the desired folder.
  • Image Quality. You can specify one of the following compression levels: Maximum, Superb, Good and Medium.
  • Resize Photos. The following ways are available: Do not resize images, Fit Image width (to the specified number of pixels), Fit image height (to the specified number of pixels), Fit Width and Height.

After you selected all output settings, click the Watermark button to apply the selected watermark to all your photos and view the result.

Step 5. Watermark Photos

After watermarking has been finished, you’ll see the list of all processed images. For each image you can click the “View result” link and see the resulting image file.

If you want to continue watermarking images, click “Watermark more images” and start with Step 1.

Thank you and happy watermarking! :-)