How To Watermark Photos in ONE Minute

Online self-promotion is one of the most effective ways to get noticed in the photography industry. Hosting your photos or art works on popular photo sharing sites, personal blogs or social networks, you run the risk of someone stealing your work to claim as its own. There are many methods to protect your photos. The most common way to prevent copyright infringement is to watermark photos you post online. Visible watermarks make unauthorized use of your photos much more difficult.

Why Visible Watermark?

A visible watermark is an embedded overlay on a digital photo. In general, a watermark is represented by text, logo and copyright notice. Watermarking is the process of embedding visual watermarks in photos. By watermarking photos you are not only branding your work but also let people know the author, give them an opportunity to contact you. Displaying URLs in watermarks you generate traffic for your website or blog.

How to Watermark Photos? Which Program Should I Use?

If you ask me how to watermark photos, I’d say – it’s easy but…

There are different ways to visually watermark photos and art works. You can use nearly every photo editing tool and watermark photos individually, one-by-one. You can use this approach if you have to edit five or ten photos in a week, for instance.

But what if you have to process thousands photos daily? In this instance, you should use a special watermarking tool. Professional photo processing applications (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc.) have the built-in option to watermark photos in a batch mode.

All these applications are not specially designed for watermarking. They are very slow. Individual apps have these or that disadvantages and limitations. For instance, the batch engine in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 doesn’t allow you to use images or vector graphics as watermarks. In Picasa, a watermark is white text (for dark photos) and black text (for light photos). You cannot specify font settings (font name, size, color, etc.). Image watermarks are not supported too. Professional apps such as Adobe Photoshop are very expensive.

Before you choose the watermark program, answer the following questions:

  • Do I want to overpay?
  • Do I want to waste much time on watermarking photos?
  • Do I want to create cutting edge watermarks?
  • Do I want to have total control over the watermark’s content, appearance and positioning?
  • Do I want to create watermarks and add them to photos using a single application?

Why Visual Watermark?

Visual Watermark program is specially designed for watermarking photos in a batch. Its features include:

  • Ultra-fast watermarking large amounts of photos (10K and more in several minutes).
  • Composite watermarks – text, picture or combination of both.
  • Creating strong watermarks, editing and saving watermarks using Watermark Editor.
  • Full control over watermark placement, sizing and transformation.
  • Predefined watermark collection including high-detailed and noisy watermarks.
  • JPEG properties (EXIF) support.
  • Support for popular graphic file formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP).
  • Resizing and exporting photos to PDF in a batch, and much more…

How to Watermark Photos in a Batch Using Visual Watermark

The following tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to create watermarks, how to watermark photos in a batch using Visual Watermark.

Three steps and you are done. User-friendly UI makes watermarking photos easy as ABC.

  1. Select images you want to watermark. You can add images individually or specify the entire folder including subfolders (optionally).
  2. Create a new watermark or load an existing watermark. If you are a first-time user, you can try watermarks shipped with Visual Watermark. Visual Watermark provides 10 predefined watermarks.
  3. Visual Watermark provides the Watermark Editor allowing you to create new or modify existing watermark. Visual Watermark supports watermarks represented by a text, image or combination of both.

    In Visual Watermark, a watermark consists of watermark items. Individual items can be represented by a text or picture. You can create as many watermark items as required.

    Text items can display special signs (copyright, trademark or registered trademark). To insert a copyright symbol to any picture, click ‘Add an EXIF property or special symbol’ and select ‘Special Signs’.

    Visual Watermark allows you to watermark photos by displaying EXIF information (date, time, camera settings, etc.) extracted from the photo currently being processed. To do this, click ‘Add an EXIF property or special symbol’ and select ‘JPEG Properties (EXIF)’.


    Watermark items are displayed at the right rail’s bottom (see the screenshot above). To edit an item, double click on it. If you don’t want to include individual items in a watermark, just uncheck them.

    A watermark’s position is a crucial factor that makes your watermark strong or useless. Watermarks are secure if you put them properly. Visual Watermark allows you to put the watermark at any desired position within a photo. Once you have finished with creating a watermark, carefully place it within a photo so that it would be extremely difficult to remove it neatly.

    Placing the watermark in the corner of the picture makes your protection as weak as possible. The best solution is to position your watermark within the most detailed part of the photo. In most instances, this is the photo’s center. This makes the protection much stronger.

    In addition, Visual Watermark provides an option to transform and rotate watermarks.

    Once all customizations are done, click ‘Apply Changes’. You can save the watermark to a file for further use and modification.

  4. Run watermarking by clicking the ‘Watermark’ button as shown in the screenshot below.

    Visual Watermark will suggest you to specify output settings (file naming, output path, resizing options, etc.). Click OK to proceed. You’ll be thrilled how quickly Visual Watermark processes tons of your images.


    Below are sample photos watermarked using Visual Watermark:


Make Your Choice

To help you choose the right watermarking program, we’ve prepared several tutorials on how to watermark photos in a batch using the well-known digital photo editing apps. Try them, compare with Visual Watermark and make the right choice.