How to Improve Your Watermark Protection

All of us know that the best way to protect your digital photos on the Internet is by watermarking them, but sometimes to place the watermark on the photos is not enough to secure your photos. For example, look at these pictures.

How to improve watermarking - original photo
Original photo with a small watermark in the center
How to improve watermark security - watermark removed
We removed the watermark but added significant watermark footprint

We removed the watermark using photo editing software. Remaining defects on the restored picture are so invisible that the photo can be easily stolen.

Does it mean that watermarks in general are insecure?

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What is a Watermark

Watermark is a mark or lettering over the photo showing its owner: a photographer or a website. Here are a couple of watermark samples:

What is a watermark - a sample #1What is a watermark - signature watermark sample

Both photo watermarks contain photographer name and thus help to identify who made the picture.

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