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How to Watermark with Photoshop Elements

This tutorial is for Adobe Photoshop Elements. If you own Adobe Photoshop, here is a tutorial for you.

Whether you are a photographer, web designer or blogger, you’ve most probably had to deal with the headache of protecting your digital photos copyright. It’s easy enough to watermark, let’s say, ten or twenty pictures. But what if you have to process 10K pictures?

Batch image processing can make this process extremely faster and nearly painless. In this article, you’ll learn how to add the watermark to multiple photos in a batch using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

Get Started Watermarking

Run Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. Go to the File menu and select ‘Process Multiple Files…’ as shown in the screenshot below:

Photoshop Elements - Watermark menu item

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Essential Software for Editing Photographs, Paid and Free Versions

Digital photography is not simply about taking pictures, the editing of these pictures is one thing  that make it so flexible and exciting, allowing stunning post production effects and touch ups. Choosing the right software to assist you in this process can be daunting, especially for amateur photographers.

The most popular photo editing software on the market is undoubtedly Adobe Photoshop. Most professional photographers use this software, which is known as Adobe Photoshop CS5, although it is quite complicated and takes a lot of learning, plus it is rather expensive. However, many of it’s basic edition options are easy to understand,  therefore a beginner user may obtain exceptional results.  Adobe Photoshop CS5 is not recommended  for amateur photographers,  it is best to start with the simpler, and much less expensive versions.

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First Mac Screenshot

I’m very proud to show you the very first screenshot of Visual Watermark   working on my Mac. It’s just a baby, not a real program, but it already runs and shows selected pictures. Here is it (click to enlarge):

If you saw our scetches,  you may notice the program looks a bit different. That’s true – we changed it according to the feedback we got from our mates developing for mac for many years. I will appreciate any comments from you as well.

Hey, stop! When will we get a real program? I expect to see the first beta (test) version in 2 or 3 weeks and a final release within 5 or 6 weeks. Not so long, actually. Probably, it will be a gift for the Independence Day:)

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Why Visual Watermark

Easy to install and use in spite of wide functionality. The user interface of Visual Watermark Software – Photo Watermarking Software is very intuitive, which lets you quickly start working with it. Also, we supply an animated photo watermarking tutorial to show you how easy it is to place a visible watermark. It will explain every exciting feature of Visual Watermark – Photo Watermarking Software so you will be ready to start working in 5 minutes!

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