visual watermark for mac

How To Rename Photos After Watermarking

Rename Images feature allows you to “prettify” your filenames and make them meaningful. This is very useful if you’re going to send them to your customers or doubt you’ll easily find a photo between IMG_XXXX.jpg and DSCXXXX.jpg files.

Visual Watermark, watermark maker for Mac, allows you to rename files once they’re watermarked. Here is how:

  1. Add your images for watermarking.
  2. Select your watermark template and edit it if necessary.
  3. Open the Output Setting screen.
  4. Select the Rename and Number Photos item from the Rename Photos list.
    Rename and number photos

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How To Sequentially Number Images

When sending images to your customers, it’s very important to make ordering as easy as possible. The biggest problem is to remember all filenames they want to order. A combination of IMG or DSC with a random number isn’t somewhat easy to remember for you and your customer.

It’s a good idea to sequentially number images before sending them to your customers. It’s so much easier for them to say they want images 4, 8, 15 and 27 than look into filenames and say they want files DSC02154.jpg, DSC03153.jpg and DSC15345.jpg.

You can rename your files, watermark a number on your images or do both. A number watermark makes it easier for customers to order since they don’t need to figure out filename of the photo they’re looking at.

Here is how to watermark images with sequential numbers:

  1. Add images you want to number into our watermark maker – Visual Watermark.
  2. Select a text watermark template on the next step.
    Text Watermark Template Selected

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New Visual Watermark for Mac is HERE!

Download new templates, new fonts, resizing&rotation features and much more.

With this version we’ve added a huge amount of features that were highly requested by you, our customers. And even more features are coming very soon!

Let’s see what we have in Visual Watermark v3 right now.

10 New Watermark Templates

Now you can create watermarks containing your name, logo, website, phone number, or various combinations of this information. And, of course, all these new templates support the auto-scale feature, which automatically adjusts watermark size and position on every photo.

Here is what you’ll be able to do with Visual Watermark v3:

Watermark Template 15 Watermark Template 8
Watermark Template 2 Watermark Template 3
Watermark Template 4 Watermark Template 12
Watermark Template 9 Watermark Template 14
Watermark Template 11 Watermark Template 5

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New Features: Auto-scaled Watermarks and Importing Images from iPhoto

Hello, I’m happy to announce the first update for Visual Watermark for Mac. It features 5 new features.

Auto-scaled watermarks

This feature allows watermarking landscape, portrait and cropped photos at once. If the watermark is too big to fit into a photo, Visual Watermark will scale it down to look similar on all photos.

Auto scale  feature

Watermark Preview

New version of our watermark software shows watermark previews inside photo thumbnails. It allows to check the watermark is aligned properly on all photos and correct the placement if it doesn’t.

Drag Photos Directly to the Program

We’re tired of the standard open file dialog. Now, you can simply drag your photos directly to the program, and it will select them for watermarking automatically. You can even drag an iPhoto album to the program!

Dragging photos from iPhoto app

Watermark Templates

Visual Watermark saves your watermark template to the disc when you quit the program. When you start Visual Watermark to watermark more photos, you don’t need to create watermark template from scratch anymore.

These four features above turn Visual Watermark into a “drag-n-click” tool for watermarking photos.

Improved Activation

Yes, we heard your complaints about cumbersome activation process. Now, it is much more straightforward.

Thank you so much for pointing us to problems and suggesting new feature. I appreciate your help!

P.S. This update is free to all our customers – download the program and replace your current copy. 

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