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Good and successful picture: are those words synonyms?

Photography is like the weather. Someone likes rain, while the other is so enthusiastic about heat days. One may like portraits, and his/her friend at the same time loves collages. Can we suppose that everybody will surely like the summer breeze and the blue sky, or can we confirm that a documentary photo will be clearly defined as the best type of pictures?

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How to become a good wedding photographer?

First of all, you should exactly define what goals you are pursuing, when you decide to become a wedding photographer, and who a good wedding photographer really is. The fact is that even if you reach great heights in this area, it won’t guarantee that you will begin earning much money, will become very famous, or have a lot of customers. Experience shows that sometimes wedding photographers, who can hardly be called good ones, earn much money. While some other brilliant photographers get nothing for their job and work just for practice. The following article is designed especially for those who are crazy in love with photography and plan to become good wedding photographers not only for money or for popularity.

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Where Are Your Photos Used?

Alas, nowadays it’s hard to protect your artwork from unauthorized use. In this respect, the Web is especially inhospitable towards photographers. You are probably aware of some outrageous photo-thefts discussed in the media. If you are a professional or amateur photographer, make sure that your photos are duly protected from illegal use. If you suspect that they are used illegally somewhere, you can check your suspicions. Just use one of the following services.

TinEye (

Tineeye Image Search

TinEye is one of the first image search services, and one of the most popular ones too. Even a novice user will easily learn using it in no time. Just load an image you want to search for, and you’ll see the search results in a few seconds.

If you are a professional photographer and want to search for your photos on the Web, you can download a TinEye plugin for your web browser. The plugin will let you search for images without visiting the TinEye website.

TinEye Search Results

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How to Unobtrusively Blend a Watermark into Your Photos

To watermark or not to watermark photos? This is an endless debate between photographers. Why do photographers use watermarks? Indeed, visual watermarks protect your ownership and copyright from online theft. In some instances, photographers use watermarks for self-promotion, recognition and advertising purposes. You can watermark photos using professional software such as Visual Watermark.

It’s obvious however, that visual watermarks (like logos, large stamps or texts) carelessly placed, distract from the overall look and feel of a photo. When you see such a watermarked photo, all you think about is the watermark.

If you want images you share online to be attractive and cohesive, you should tastefully and unobtrusive integrate watermarks. Your watermark shouldn’t impact the overall look and feel of a photo. Instead, the watermark should be a part of a photo. Carefully integrated watermarks are hardly noticeable. Their removal is a labor intensive process.

This is the subject of this tutorial. I’ll demonstrate you how to blend a watermark into a photo using Visual Watermark. Note this is a time-confusing process and cannot be suited to all types of photography.

Blended watermarking result
Image copyright Bogdan Khartchenko

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