Your content is stolen: what should you do?

If you often post content on websites and social networks and share pictures with followers, and your content has never been stolen, you probably live in a fairytale. The real life is much more cruel. If your content is more or less valuable, useful or actual, be sure it will likely appear on other users’ websites.

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What does copyright mean?

Writers, artists, musicians, photographers and other people who are engaged in creative professions get paid for the use of their works. Unfortunately, in real life this statement is not always true. We’ll say more, in the modern internet era creators of different intellectual products such as artists, photographers or software developers often get nothing for copying and usage of their works. Therefore, let us correct the first sentence and say that people of art MUST get paid. Copyright provides such a liability for users of borrowed content.

Copyright includes laws that protect authors’ rights to their literary or music works, scientific researches, software, images and other types of intellectual property. These principals regulate the system of intellectual products usage, including the right to their copying, publication or practical application. Copyright also defines the size of payment that borrowers must pay to authors.

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Resolving the Google+ Fine Print Dilemma

What is Google+ ?

I guess that all of you have already heard about a new overwhelming project from Google – a social networking service code-named Google+.

It was born only 1 month ago, but has already got more than 10 million members and one of its basic approaches to social networking (so-called ‘Life Circles’) is agreed by many experts to be the thing that users will like very much – so much that Google+ will be able to make a revolution and replace Facebook on its throne.

Of course, all these things are accompanied by a very loud buzz from people who already participate in a new Google network or who just evaluate its pros and cons. Most of this buzz seems to be very positive and full of excitement, while some news makes me feel anxious.

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