Visual Watermark now runs on Windows XP

We didn’t meet schedule when we worked on new version of Visual Watermark for Windows and postponed some features. One of them was support for old Windows XP. Now Visual Watermark fully support Windows XP API and works really well on it. You can download an update from our website here:

Visual Watermark now works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Plus, supports Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. Yes, it already works on new version of Mac OS X that will be released next fall.

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Visual Watermark 4.7

We released new version of Visual Watermark app last month. There I promised new app will help us to add features more quickly and here is an update.

In this update we added watermark indicator that shows distance to the closest image border. Using it, you can precisely position your watermark over a photo. For example, in 10 pixels from image sides in the bottom-right corner of it.

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New Visual Watermark for Windows

We had two separate apps for about 2 years now. Mac and Windows versions had different interface, processing engine and feature set. I’m happy to say we merged two apps into one.

Windows users get new photo processing engine that leverages power of multi-core processors and capable of handling 50,000 photos at once. Also, new version is able to watermark hi-res and CMYK images. If you bought new Nikon D800 camera, we’ve got you covered.

Mac users get new watermark filters: shadow, glass and gradient from older Windows version. Plus, the capability to export watermark templates to share across your organization.

We made it easier for new customers to jump-in and now it’s much easier to start using it. If you come from older version, we prepared a quick start guide for you.

We upgraded all current customers to the new version. So, simply download new version and use your key to activate it. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


Get New Version

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Adobe Lightroom for iPad Review

If you ask professional photographers which photo editing product they use, many will tell you that the tool they love and use daily is Adobe Lightroom. You would probably ask why? Because Lightroom is built and optimized for photographers. It offers a powerful and feature complete set of image post processing, managing and organizing tools, with simple and non-destructive workflow.

Each time Adobe announces a new version of Lightroom, be ready to see something really cool. Lightroom 5 isn’t an exception. It’s new features include

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Get Your Business Found Online

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Google it,”? Today, 83% of consumers in today’s society turn to internet search engines to seek answers, whether they are looking for a job, service, reviews or information. The Internet evolves and Google search-driven market intensively increases year-over-year. Your business website, nowadays, is the best and most acceptable source of information about your brand and services.

If your business has a geographically-based market area, you can significantly improve it and make more money by focusing and promoting

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