Better Output Settings and Fixes – Visual Watermark 4.23

We released Visual Watermark 4.23. We re-worked Output Setting screen in this section to make it simpler to use and moved Preview button here. Now it shows how Auto-Scale feature changes resulting images.

Auto-Scale feature changes watermark size for smaller and bigger images in the batch. For example, if your folder contains cropped photos, Visual Watermark will make watermark smaller for them. Otherwise, the watermark will look HUGE or will partially be out of the photo. This behavior you get with Photoshop and Visual Watermark fixes it. If it detects you need Auto-Scale feature, it will highlight it with “Recommended!” tag. However, it’s still up to you to decide if you want to enable Auto-Scale or not.

Also, this update includes:

  • German and Italian translations
  • This version fixes non-color managed CMYK images. Visual Watermark now uses ISO Coated 300% profile for them.
  • Visual Watermark 4.23 fixes saving of some GIF files, handled incorrectly by previous versions.
  • Fixes font rendering on some Windows-based machines.

This update is immediately available for Mac and Windows on our website:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

It’s free for all current customer and will update you current copy automatically.

More updates are coming. So stay tuned and good luck!

–Ivan, Visual Watermark’s foreman

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Watermarking Property Images – New in Visual Watermark 4.21

Say, you’re a realtor and just starting to watermark your images. There is a big chance, you have hundreds of properties that have individual folders with numerous photos that you want to watermark. Watermarking each folder individually is obviously going to be time consuming, therefore we added a new feature to keep each folder separate.

photos of properties

You drag entire Properties folder into Visual Watermark and configure your watermark template. You upload your logo, enter your company name and hit the Watermark button.

Visual Watermark Output Settings

When the watermarking process completes, you will get exactly the same property folders in the output folder as you have in your original folder. If you choose to rename or number your images, these features will correctly number photos in every property folder.

Did you know that you can share exactly your watermark template across your company? Once you complete a watermarking, click the Export Watermark Template button in the Watermarking Report screen. This will produce a file with .vwm4 extension on your disk. Share it with your colleagues and ask them to open it – this will import the template into the program. The watermark will have the same content, size and position as it has on your computer.

The feature is available in update 4.21 of Visual Watermark. You can download it from our website:

Installer will upgrade your current installation automatically: no uninstall or re-activation required.

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New Preview Feature – Visual Watermark 4.19

Visual Watermark allows you to customize watermark template on Personalize screen. Here you can change watermark text, replace logo with yours, adjust fonts and colors. Make the watermark unique and yours.

Here Visual Watermark displays first photo from the batch and it was difficult to understand how the watermark will look like on other images. Now, we added Preview feature that previews watermark on all other photos in the batch. Click Preview button on top of the Personalize screen to get a list of watermark previews.


This feature is available in update 4.19. Also, this update addresses several issues:

  • Auto-size and Resize features worked incorrectly when used together.
  • Tiled watermark didn’t cover entire photo in some cases.
  • Improved tiled watermark performance.
  • Made batch watermarking faster.
  • Export Watermark Template button didn’t work on older Mac machines.

This update is available to you for free if you have Visual Watermark 4 installed on your computer. Download the latest 4.19 update from our website:

Installer will upgrade your current installation automatically: no uninstall or re-activation required.

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Visual Watermark now runs on Windows XP

We didn’t meet schedule when we worked on new version of Visual Watermark for Windows and postponed some features. One of them was support for old Windows XP. Now Visual Watermark fully support Windows XP API and works really well on it. You can download an update from our website here:

Visual Watermark now works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Plus, supports Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. Yes, it already works on new version of Mac OS X that will be released next fall.

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Visual Watermark 4.7

We released new version of Visual Watermark app last month. There I promised new app will help us to add features more quickly and here is an update.

In this update we added watermark indicator that shows distance to the closest image border. Using it, you can precisely position your watermark over a photo. For example, in 10 pixels from image sides in the bottom-right corner of it.

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