Add a Watermark to Photos

A watermark helps you brand your photos so that others can recognize them as your work. Visual Watermark application is an easy way to add a watermark to one or more photos. Here is how.

Step 1 – Select Photos

Select photos you want to add a watermark to by dragging them into Visual Watermark or use Select Photos button on the toolbar.

Step 2 – Choose Your Watermark Template

Visual Watermark ships with 12 built-in watermark templates. You can add text and logo watermark to your photos.

Watermark templates list in Visual Watermark

Step 3 – Personalize Your Watermark

Every watermark should be branded to clearly state the photo ownership. Replace our template text and logo with yours. Visual Watermark comes with 260 fonts, 60 effects and unlimited colors to let you add your personal watermark.

Watermark customizations

Step 4 – Specify Output Settings and Run Watermarking

Choose an output folder for watermarked images and click Watermark button. In just a moment, you’re done! You successfully added watermark to photos.

Specify output folder for watermarked pictures

Download Visual Watermark

Start adding watermarks to photos right now. Just about a minute to download. Free download, no registration required. Works on Windows and Mac.

Packed with Features

Visual Watermark doesn't simply add watermarks to photos. It includes unique features that make your life easier, improve protection or make your watermark to look amazing.

Fully Customizable Watermarks

Add the watermark you want. Use logo and text in any combination. Add repeated watermarks for strong protection, or make the watermark glass-like for unobtrusive protection. Choose one of 260 fonts, 60 effects and unlimited colors to add a unique watermark.

High-Performance Batch Watermarking

Adding a watermark to 50,000 photos is a no-brainer for Visual Watermark

  1. We designed both import and export modules to be quick and responsive under high load. Visual Watermark uses up to 4 processor cores to add watermark to photo as quickly as possible;
  2. Visual Watermark is a desktop software and thus imports your images really quickly. It loads them directly from your hard disc, not over slow internet connection;
  3. Auto-resize tool solves inconsistencies with cropped and full-sized images in the same batch.

Try It Yourself

Download Visual Watermark and add a beautiful watermark to a photo in one minute. Free download, no registration required. Works on Windows and Mac.