Batch Watermark Software for Windows and Mac

Blazing Fast Performance

Keeping your time is our priority. No wonder we made our batch watermark software as quick as it can be possible.

It doesn’t matter how many images you want to watermark – thanks to the batch watermarking feature you can import all your photos and our batch watermark software will process them in a few minutes. Even if you have a deadline to put a watermark on 50,000 images, Visual Watermark software will do this for you.


Fully Customizable

Visual Watermark software adds watermarks with any content and of any structure – be it your brand name, copyright, image logo or all of these, combined in any manner.

Moreover, the batch watermark software can apply special effects and your watermark designs really unique. There 5 basic effects that can be combined into 10s possible variations: shadow, glass, gradient fill, transparency and border.

With Visual Watermark you don’t need to manually resize your watermark for every photo you have – our batch watermark software can automatically adjust watermarks to sizes of cropped images.


Visual Editor

Visual Watermark software has an innovative editor where you can design your own watermarks. Simply drag watermark parts into place to get the appearance you want:

  • Rotate watermark and its elements
  • Add transparency
  • Modify watermark colors
  • Automatically remove background from a logo watermark
  • Use any font you like
  • Add shadows
  • Add a frame to your photos
  • Fill photos with watermarks

Customers Say

  • Visual Watermark and service was just what we needed. It provided us with the photo watermark software we needed and the options to do it creatively and professionally.

    Bill Shacklett, Shacklett’s Photography
  • Your photo watermarking program is easy to use and effective... I can't ask for anymore than that. Oh, I thought your prices were very reasonable. Thanks!

    Tatia T. Gibson
  • I needed a quick and easy watermark software the other day and tried a couple of photo watermarking programs. I found a lot but they either didn't do what I wanted, didn't allow the placement I wanted or they were way overpriced. Visual Watermark did exactly what I wanted, the quality was good and the price is reasonable. I couldn't be happier.

    David Hofmann
  • Visual Watermark itself is excellent and very easy to utilise and I am very pleased to own this bit of watermark software it has made my life 10 times easier and you can quote me on that.

    Joe Brown
  • I bought Visual Watermark a few years ago and I absolutely love it. I was having a problem with my photos being stolen and presented elsewhere as someone elses work. Your program changed all that for me. It is very simple to use and very effective. Thanks for a great watermark software!

    Bob Hanover